September 10, 2014


Gravitas Dock Now for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

The future is here - and the Gravitas is ready! Two new Gravitas inserts offer full support for Apple's newest iPhone models - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

What a day Tuesday was! Apple held its annual announcement wherein it introduces the next generation iPhone, and this year they certainly did not disappoint with not one, but two new iPhone models. Apple's largest and thinnest models yet, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both feature Retina HD display, new A8 chip for unmatched processing power, and of course, beautiful metal and glass construction. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display, while the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly larger with a 5.5 inch display. Two models to make the world's greatest phone even bigger, and certainly better.

In anticipation of this announcement, Henge Docks made preliminary designs for Gravitas inserts to accommodate the rumored iPhone 6 and its larger counterpart. With details confirmed during yesterday's keynote, these designs have been finalized and sent to the manufacturer. The new inserts are available now for pre-sale, and will begin shipping in late October.

Both inserts are dual-purpose - for use with the iPhone with or without a case. A clever, removable liner in each insert allows users who prefer their phone to be in a case to use their Gravitas and keep their phone protected. For those who like to show off the beauty of Apple's design and have their phone go naked, simply use the insert as it comes in the package, with the liner snugly inside, providing a perfect fit for a caseless iPhone.

We designed the Gravitas with the future in mind - and couldn't be more excited that it has finally come! Our Life After Device program ensures that, as long as Apple continues to use the Lightning connector, your Gravitas will be your iPhone and iPad docking solution for years to come.

September 04, 2014


Fully Charged! Gravitas with Mophie Case

As many of you know, we recently released our iPhone Case Compatible Insert for the Gravitas Lightning Dock. This insert accommodates most slim iPhone cases and has been a great addition to the Gravitas, especially for the abundance of iPhone users that prefer to keep their phone protected in a case and crave the convenience and great design of the Gravitas dock.

One thing about our Case Compatible Insert that you may or may not have noticed is that the back plate of the insert is, in fact, removable. This was a deliberate design feature, but is rarely used, as most cases with thicker backs also have thicker frames, leading them to not fit in the insert. However, we recently discovered a great use for this removable back plate.

A customer had written into us asking if the Gravitas was compatible with Mophie charging cases. Our initial reaction was that it would not, as Mophie's cases feature a micro-USB connection, which of course would not fit with the embedded Lightning connector in the dock. Some quick thinking changed this assessment, though. We took one of our in-house Mophie cases and unlatched the bottom piece of the case, revealing the Lightning port on the iPhone. Then we took one of our iPhone Case Compatible Inserts and removed the back plate. We placed the insert in the dock, and then put the iPhone with the top portion of the Mophie case into the insert and voila! It was a perfect fit!

The removable back plate offered just the right amount of clearance to accommodate the Mophie case, and together with the rest of the insert provided an exceptional amount of stability to the iPhone and Mophie case while docked in the Gravitas. For those customers with Mophie cases, this is a very delightful discovery. Now you can keep your phone fully charged, 100% of the time - both on the go with your Mophie case, and while docked in the Gravitas!

August 22, 2014


Heavy Metal! Audioengine + Gravitas Summer Sale!


As many of you know, earlier this year Henge Docks partnered with Audioengine USA, and we now offer their awesome speakers on our website. Audioengine produces the best computer audio on the market, which is the perfect companion to the Gravitas - the best iPhone/iPad dock on the market! It’s a match made in audio heaven - and now we’re having a special summer sale on Audioengine and Gravitas bundles!

Between now and August 31, 2014, if you order a set of Augioengine A2+ or A5 speakers, you’ll receive a free Gravitas! There’s never been a better time to invest in a new sound system!

The sleek design and powerful hi-fi sound quality of both the Audioengine A5 and A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers are a perfect complement to our Gravitas iPhone/iPad Dock. Simply dock your iPhone or iPad in the Gravitas, and your iTunes will stream through these great speakers, allowing you to jam out to the fullest of your abilities. Here at Henge Docks, that’s exactly what we do, perhaps sometimes to the ire of the upstairs neighbors - that’s how powerful these speakers are!

Both the Gravitas and Audioengine speakers have a compact footprint, but pack a big punch. Together they’re quite the harmonious team. If you’re looking for a new sound system, or are looking to upgrade your current speakers, look no further!
August 07, 2014


And the winner is...

Today is the day! Our Vertical Retina Docks in the Wild contest winner was selected. 

And the winner is... Daniel Brusilovsky! Daniel will be receiving a Henge Docks t-shirt, custom Henge Docks MacBook sticker, and 15% off his next purchase! Congratulations! Here is Daniel's photo:

A big thank you to everyone who participated! We loved all of your photos. Your desks look great with the new addition of your Vertical Docking Stations for MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Stay tuned for our next Vertical Retina Docks in the Wild contest in mid- to late-September! As always, feel free to tweet, Facebook, or email ( your photos to us.

July 27, 2014


Vertical Retina Docks in the Wild Contest!

Whew! What a wild month it has been with the release of the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display! We’re so excited that customers are now receiving their docks, and appreciate all of the positive responses. Many of you have tweeted us photos of your new docks, and we must say, all of your various setups are looking mighty fine!  

Nothing makes the Henge Docks team prouder than when we see our customers enjoying their docks. That’s why we’re holding another one of our “Docks in the Wild” contests. You can win some Henge Docks swag and a 15% discount toward your next purchase! Simply tweet, Facebook or email ( us a captioned photo of your new Vertical Retina Dock by Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 9:00 pm PST for a chance to win! One winner will be randomly chosen by our CEO, Matt, and announced on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm PST.

If you’ve already tweeted us a photo or posted to our Facebook page, you’ve already entered!* Of course, if you’d like to send us more photos, we certainly wouldn’t be upset! Do keep in mind that it’s only one entry per person, no matter how many photos you send in.

At the end of the contest, we’ll put together a Facebook album of all of your photos - showcasing all the various ways that Henge Docks are used!

For those awaiting the arrival of their Vertical Retina Dock, don’t fret - we’ll hold another contest soon!

Contest Rules:

  • Submit your photos via Twitter, Facebook or

  • Please caption your photo - tell us about your setup

  • Submission deadline: 9:00 pm PST on Wednesday 8/6/2014

  • Limit one entry per person

  • Contest entry implies consent to public use of photos by Henge Docks

*If you prefer Henge Docks not to publicly display your photos, please let us know by the submission deadline, 8/6/2014

July 21, 2014


Vertical Retina Dock Review Round-up

The news is out and reviews are in for the latest addition to the Henge Docks lineup - the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display is a hit! We’re very excited that these news docks have had such a successful release, and are receiving such great press! Editors Choice, 10 out of 10, thumbs up, simply awesome... These are just a few of the many accolades bestowed upon the Vertical Retina Dock so far.

Apple Insider was the first to review the new dock, giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars! It's "one of the best laptop docking solutions" they've ever seen. "Henge Docks is flexing its design muscle with the Retina MacBook Pro Vertical Docking Station. The new metal body is more sturdy than previous models, while the seemingly minor additions of a screw cover and cable organizer simply add to perceived build quality." Our product designers definitely enjoyed that compliment!

Editor’s Choice came from Geek Beat TV. Ben Roethig said, "If you use an Apple Thunderbolt display or other large screen display (or TV) with your MacBook Pro with Retina Display, the Henge Docks Metal Edition Vertical Dock is something you definitely want to get. You’ll save a bunch of desktop space, cool your MacBook, and the cable management makes your desk a lot cleaner. This is a great product that looks fantastic and is virtually indestructible." Ben also said, "Cons: Apple has not bought Henge Docks and included one with every MacBook sold. This is as close to a perfect companion as you can get,” which is certainly our favorite line of all the reviews!

Apple Daily Report continued the high praise, rating the dock a perfect 10 out of 10! "The advantage of this sort of set-up is that you can have all the advantages of a desktop arrangement (bigger screen, better speakers, etc.), but can disconnect your MacBook Pro and take it with it whether you’re hitting the road or simply want to work from your living room or bed,” said reviewer Dennis Sellers.

Daniel Cohen’s review title in Gear Diary summed it up perfectly: “MacBook Pro + iMac + Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station = Awesome.” He elaborated, "The Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station is as refined a dock as you are going to find. It saves space, keeps your laptop safe, controls cables so you desk isn’t a mess and simply delivers on its promise of a superb dock that looks great and functions even better. This is a computer accessory I can recommend without hesitation! If your MacBook Pro doubles as your desktop stop reading this review and go buy it. Seriously, it is that impressive.” We thank Daniel for his glowing recommendation!

The dock received a thumbs up from Julie Strietelmeier at The Gadgeteer. Julie says, "This is a very well made docking station that helps you unclutter your desk and organize cables. The dock provides an easy way to connect all your peripherals to your laptop while maintaining portability." She also put up some excellent photos of the dock, including a before and after of her desk with the new dock. It looks great!

The most recent review came from David Temple at Appletell - with a 4 out of 5 rating! He states, "The Henge Docks vertical laptop dock is a stylish piece of engineering, and it does its job very well." Once again, a great compliment for our product designers, of whom we are very proud for their dedication to ensuring this dock is of the highest standards.

The Henge Docks team is very proud of the enthusiasm for and success surrounding the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display. These great reviews and high demand for an Apple docking station led us to record sales and a sold out situation that is just ending now.  

All of these reviews, and all of our interactions with our customers further motivate us in our drive to design and produce the best docking stations and accessories on the market. We thank you all very much for your interest and support for our company and our products!

For those of you who have purchased the Vertical Retina Dock - stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter, as we’ll be having a contest soon featuring your Docks in the Wild!

July 09, 2014


Henge Docks Featured in FYI Network's ‘Tiny House Nation’!

Here at Henge Docks, we are big on saving space. It’s been one of our top priorities since the company’s inception in 2009. Our inaugural product, the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro, was designed and built around this principle of reducing clutter and preserving space. Each of our subsequent products have maintained this goal - which is precisely why A&E’s new lifestyle network, FYI, approached us to be featured in the debut episode of their new show ‘Tiny House Nation’.

Premiering tonight at 10 EST/11 PST, FYI network's ‘Tiny House Nation’ will “show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them, as well as help new families design and construct their own mini-dream home in a space no larger than 500 square feet.” Hosted by renovation experts and tiny home owners John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, the show promises to be an adventure across America to view some amazing small dwellings, from the extravagant to the budget friendly.

The Henge Docks team could not be more excited about having our products featured in ‘Tiny House Nation’! We completely agree that our Vertical Docking Stations for MacBook and the Gravitas for iPhone and iPad are the perfect fit for those looking to get the most out of their space - be it small or large! We’re certainly no strangers to how great of space savers our products are - and how they also display our Apple products beautifully in whichever environment they are placed.

Be sure to tune in tonight to FYI at 10 EST/11 PST to see ‘Tiny House Nation’ and to see Henge Docks featured on their very first episode! Follow @HengeDocks on Twitter and tell us you’re watching us on #tinyhousenation for the chance to win 25% off any Henge Docks purchase!

July 09, 2014


Vertical Retina Dock Shipping Update

The Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display will begin shipping tomorrow, Thursday July 10th! The docks were received and inbounded by our warehouse today, and orders will begin to be processed tomorrow. Our warehouse is even bringing in extra workers to ensure as many docks as possible go out before the weekend! Most docks will be shipped out by end of day Friday, with tracking information being sent within 24 hours of an order being shipped.

Our Reseller Relationship Manager and customer service rep extraordinaire Kristin spent the day at our warehouse in Nevada to make sure everything with the docks went smoothly. She snapped some photos of Henge Docks goods and of the warehouse. She even got to have a bit of fun riding around the place! Check out the photos from Kristin’s day below!

Kristin riding around the warehouse!
Henge Docks way up high!
Our warehouse in Nevada.
July 09, 2014


iPhone Case Compatible Insert for Gravitas Dock Now Available!

Did you know that 3 out of 4 iPhone users have their phone in a case? According to a study done by NPD Group, 75% of people with iPhones prefer to keep their phones case protected. The Henge Docks team is slightly lower but still a large 66% protecting their iPhones with cases. With this in mind, we are happy to announce the release of the iPhone Case Compatible Insert for the Gravitas Dock!

Designed to accommodated most slim iPhone cases*, the new iPhone Case Compatible Insert makes the Gravitas even more versatile. Receive all the benefits of the Gravitas - charge, sync, and connect to external speakers (such as the compact yet powerful the Audioengine A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers) - while keeping your iPhone protected.

Don’t yet have a case for your iPhone, or looking to upgrade your current case to a stylish new one? Henge Docks worked with Graft Concepts to design a special Henge Docks edition of their Leverage iPhone 5/5s case specifically for the Gravitas dock (with included Case Compatible Insert), providing a perfect fit between the case and the Gravitas. While the iPhone Case Compatible Gravitas Insert will accommodate many types of cases, the Graft Case for Gravitas is the only case custom-made for the dock. Use code GRAVCASE on to receive 10% off of this Graft Case for Gravitas.**

As part of our Life After Device program, we will create new Gravitas inserts for future generations of Lightning-equipped Apple devices such as the iPhone 6, ensuring continued use of your Gravitas even when you upgrade your iDevices.


*Known Compatible Cases

  • Adopted Case
  • Apple Color Cases
  • Apple Official Cases
  • Ballistic Jewel
  • Belkin Flex
  • Belkin Grip Candy
  • Case Mate Glam
  • Case Mate Mahogany Wood
  • Case Mate Naked Tough
  • Case Mate Prints Collection
  • Cygnett Urban Shield
  • Cygnett Vector
  • Eddie Bauer Dual Protective Case
  • Griffin Clear Back Case
  • Griffin Reveal
  • Griffin Separates
  • Incase Frame
  • Incase Pop Case
  • Incase Slider Case
  • Insignia Soft Shell
  • Invisible Shield Orbit
  • iSkin Aura
  • iSkin Solo
  • Loop Mummy i5
  • Modal Dual Layer Protective Case
  • Modal Regular Case
  • Moshi iGlaze Armor
  • Moshi iGlaze Kameleon
  • Moshi Sense Cover
  • Platinum Smartcase
  • Pure.gear Dualtek
  • Pure.gear Slim Shell
  • Rocketcases Retro
  • Scosche Rawhide
  • Speck CandyShell
  • Speck CandyShell Grip
  • Spigen Slim Armor
  • Tech21 Impact Mesh
  • Tech21 Impactology

Known Incompatible Cases

  • Ballistic Cases
  • Belkin Outrigger
  • Cygnett Workmate
  • G-Form Xtreme
  • Incase Leather Fitted Case
  • Incase Meta Slider
  • Incase Shock Slider
  • LifeProof Cases
  • Lunatik Cases
  • Marware Cases
  • OtterBox Cases
  • Rokform Rokshield
  • Speck CandyShell Card Case

**Offer ends 7/31/2014

June 25, 2014


Now Available: The Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display!

The day is upon us - the release of the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display! These docks are available in a new Metal Edition for $119, as well as our classic glossy white for $89.

While maintaining the same body style as our legacy docks, the new Vertical Retina Docks feature preinstalled cables for a much simpler user interface.  No longer do you have to individually connect each cable, now you only need to install your MagSafe Power Adapter in the dock, providing full functionality almost right out of the box.  Included are two Mini DisplayPort extensions, a USB 3.0 extension, and a TRRS audio cable.  For those connecting via Thunderbolt, simply remove one or both of the Mini DisplayPort extensions and replace with your Thunderbolt cable(s).

The Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display has a plethora of new features. In the bottom of the dock, you'll find the preinstalled cables and our redesigned Hex Key, keeping all of the dock's components together in one unit.  On the side of the dock, we’ve added a cover that masks the set screws, providing an even sleeker aesthetic.  At the rear of the dock is a cable organizer that ensures your cables remain in place and won't get tangled.  

The new Metal Edition dock features a solid construction of a high-density metal alloy, weighing in at a substantial 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg), and provides polished integration between your MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the docking station. Purchase two at a 10% discount.

Head to today to purchase your Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display! The Metal Edition is priced at $119, and you’ll receive a 10% discount when you purchase two or more. Our classic glossy white finish is priced at $89. Complete your desktop setup with this beautiful, high performance dock!

*Please note that these docks will not begin shipping for 1-3 weeks, depending on model.
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