"Welcome home, Apple" is our motto

We pride ourselves on designing the most elegant and effective docking solutions for Apple products. Each day, we focus exclusively building the best homes for your Apple devices.

In 2009, we were founded in Arlington, VA. Similar to a company we love, we were started in our founder’s parent’s garage. We subsequently moved to San Francisco, CA to be closer to the products we love. Just like Apple, Henge Docks are designed in CA but made in China. Henge Docks was conceived in 2008 when our CEO was looking to solve a problem – how to hook up his PowerBook to a home theater system. Transitioning between desktop use with an external monitor and the home theater system to watch movies was a pain. Cords became tangled. Connectors would disappear. Audio leads were plugged into the wrong ports.

Nothing about this setup was clean, beautiful, or simple. Henge Docks were created to solve the problem and today we still make the most elegant docking solutions found anywhere. 

Our History

The genesis of Henge Docks sounds a bit like the opener for an off-color joke, "A future product designer, future lawyer and future physics teacher all meet on a playground in the 3rd grade...". Well, twenty-some-odd-years later those kids reunited, coming from all over the United States, to form a company with goal of turning a few pages of product drawings into a full line of innovative products. 

Matt, the product designer, developed prototypes and built webpages. Ben, the lawyer, filed patents and wrote contracts. Alex, the physics teacher, negotiated with suppliers and developed financial projections. In a little over a year they had created, not just a business, but something they could show the world with a sense of pride. 

The original Henge Dock was conceived in early 2007 while Matt was hooking an old 12-inch G4 PowerBook up to a home theater system. Transitioning between desktop use with an external monitor and the home theater system to watch movies was always a pain. Cords would get tangled, connectors would fall behind the desk and the audio leads would constantly get plugged into the wrong ports. Swapping the computer between on-the-go, the desktop and home theater several times a day was tedious, very un-Apple. Then, when the thing was finally hooked up, it looked like some kind of sci-fi hell was happening in the living room, very un-designerly. There had to be a better way. There wasn't. Matt sketched out some basic designs for a solution to the problem, it was a vertical docking station that allowed the user to connect all the ports at once. It would turn a laptop, into a desktop or media center PC, without all the hassle. The sketches sat for a while, unrealized, only to be dug out after a conversation with Ben at a party in late 2008. 

Matt and Ben went to work designing a basic prototype as side project. It wasn't until the first proof of concept arrived in March of 2009 that the excitement about the product really built. The prototype was ugly, but it worked... actually, it worked really well.

They called Alex and decided to form a business around the concept. The company was named Henge Docks, after the circle of large vertical stones found at Stonehenge north of Salisbury, England. We viewed our dock as being built to last but also with symmetry and a unique, almost mystical quality. They just work. Even better, the domain name was available. Over the next year the founding team tested and refined the design into the form you see today. Using their diverse backgrounds they were able to accomplish nearly all of the development inhouse and bootstrapped the company through the early phases. Each generation of prototype brought them closer to production.

They methodically arranged manufacturers, shippers and various supply chain elements until all of the boxes were checked. It has been a lot of work, but there is nothing quite like bringing an idea to life. To read the full run down, visit the Henge Docks blog.