Early Development

Matt and I met today to discuss possible solutions to the MacBook problem we had discussed a few nights ago.  Matt brought some sketches with him showing how he wants the product to look.  We discussed ideas for ways to achieve the results we are looking for as inexpensively as possible.  We decide that a lot of the cost of docking stations is the redundant connectors and electronics and tons of plastic parts.  We think we can do it better by keeping things simple using the connectors people already have. We browsed a few hardware websites such as McMaster Carr to get an idea of types of nuts, screws and other hardware that is commercially available. We came up with a number of good ideas, but decided that a plastic chassis with a clamping mechanism for connectors would be the best and simplest solution.  For a clamping mechanism we choose set screws because they are cheap, simple, and do not disrupt Matt's aesthetic designs.