Things get... interesting, in a boring way.

Now the boring part, well at least the tedious part.  Since we know the concept works from a functional standpoint, now we need to see if it's even feasible for production. This means getting a handle on what the supply chain is going to look like, and how much it will cost to operate and set up.  I know from past experience that this information is not readily available and can be very time consuming to obtain. Ideally, I'd like to find a manufacturer that can make the product, assemble the units, make the packaging and put the whole mess into a box all in one spot.  Shipping half-finished products around is both costly and a logistical nightmare for a small company.  Then we need to figure out the matter of order fulfilment and warehousing. Once we get some rough figures, we can get a better idea of what kind of upfront costs there will be in setting up the production line, and how the per-unit cost will stack up.