The good, the bad and the modular

It looks like Apple's design change to the MacBook lineup isn't going to totally derail the project, but we are essentially starting the ramp up to production all over again. We are looking at a net setback of about two months to get back to where we are now. The manufacturer has several cost-effective options for dealing with having to accommodate two different port layouts on the market.  The first involves adding a modular insert to the dock itself. This model specific unit would house all of the cables and attach separately to the dock. This step adds some complexity and could decrease the accuracy of the connection interface, but is relatively inexpensive. The second option involves making modular tooling for the injection molding process, allowing the manufacturer to swap out port configurations depending on the model in production.  This adds about 25% to the cost of the tooling, but it will not compromise the design and Henge Docks will be able to double its product line up at the same time.