Henge Docks first corporate testing

Today we sent the prototypes to a Mac-based laboratory on the east coast for evaluation and feedback. A friend of the team is an Apple Systems Engineer who works with the lab; he has been aware of our project for some time.  When the lab's IT department lamented that there were no docking stations available for their desktop MacBook users, he put us in touch with this client. Ben and Alex were thrilled by the opportunity to get some real world feedback on our product. I, on the other hand, am more than a little pensive about sending the prototype docks out into the wild unsupervised. First of all, there are only two in existence and they were expensive.  Second, there's a PR issue.  If someone decides to leak the dock online we could lose our jump to market and miss being able to capitalize on the initial wave of publicity. Finally, the prototypes do not represent the final product well.  They are functional, but supremely ugly and the cable heads are all hack jobs while we wait for the custom units to be produced.  I just don't want the world's first impression of the product to be off-putting, but I acquiesced.