MacBook Dock Corporate Testing Results

Two weeks ago we sent the prototype docks to a Apple equipped laboratory on the East Cost for evaluation and feedback. The head of the IT at the lab tested the docks with a variety of users who had opted to be testers.  After the two week trial the IT department gave us some positive, but vague, feedback and declined to deliver specifics over email, stating that the user feedback was included in the return package. I took this to be a bad sign, but it turns out they gave the testers forms that were handwritten and they didn't want to retype the feedback so it could be emailed. The feedback was divided between IT users that installed the docks and actual testers that used the docks. The IT personnel had mostly positive feedback saying they were impressed by how easy the dock accepted the computer, but complained about the shoddiness of the cables.  We consider that to be a glowing endorsement given cynical nature of many IT departments. The cables are a known problem that will be resolved when the custom units are produced. All three users stated they liked the docks.  One said he liked the increase in desk space and a decrease in clutter.  Another feedback form had a note from IT stating that one woman became "upset" when they took her dock away. The lab's IT department expressed interest in purchasing a batch of docks when we go to production.