Model Numbers

Add Model Numbers to the list of things that seem obvious, but are a real pain to actually implement.  We needed an alphanumerical model naming system that can be used in inventory system, but is also intuitive and flexible enough to accommodate new models in the future.  The model numbers will be look like this: HD01VA13MBP. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but it reads like this, HD(Henge Docks)01(Model Version 1)V(Vertical Dock)A(Computer Chassis A)13MBP(13-inch MacBook Pro Generation 1). So our lineup will look something like this - HD01VAMB - Old white or black plastic MacBook - 2006 to mid 2009 HD01VBMB - New Unibody plastic MacBook - Mid 2009 - Current HD01VA13MB - 13-inch MacBook - Late 2008 - Mid 2009 HD01VA13MBP -  13-inch MacBook Pro - Mid 2009 - Current HD01VA15MBP -  15-inch MacBook Pro - Late 2008 - Mid 2009 HD01VB15MBP -  15-inch MacBook Pro - Mid 2009 - Current HD01VA17MBP -  17-inch MacBook Pro - Mid 2009 - Current