Demo Video

Here is the first Henge Docks Demo video. We wanted to create something unique that wouldn't break the bank. First person point of view was chosen to make the viewer feel as if they were interacting with the Dock themselves, lending to a greater feeling of realism than a series of still shots. The video was shot with a Canon 7D mated to a 10mm wide angle lens.  The whole rig was then hooked up to a counter weighted head mount built specifically for shooting this video. Because the 7D was mounted right in front of the "actor's" face, it took about 30 takes over three days to get the continual shot without tripping over cable or missing a mark. Lighting was a challenge as well, for the last set of takes we discovered that we had to get the shots in between 4pm to 5pm, to get the outside lighting to balance with the studio lights.