First Henge Dock spotted in the wild!

Henge Dock spotted in the wild.

The first batch of Henge Docks have started arriving to customers in the United States.  We are anxiously watching the Twitter feed and customer service emails for first reactions to the docking station.  No matter how much you test, poke, prod, break, fix, design, or deconstruct there is an unknown when sending a product out unsupervised for the first time. Did we really get all of the typos out of the instruction manual?  Is our order system sending the right units to the right people?  What are the issues we haven't thought of?  Will people actually like using a vertical docking system? So far, the feedback is great!  We've had people already get their docking stations up and running.  We've even been getting some photos sent to us.  Posted above is the first one we received!  Special thanks to Alan for sending in the first photo!