Ethernet Cable Warning - First Service Bulletin

Henge Docks user, Joe, made us aware of a potential problem with the ethernet cable setup process that we had not observed during testing.  In some cases, if the Ethernet cable is inserted too far into the dock the setscrew will not depress the locking tab, resulting in the docked computer being locked to the installed Ethernet cable. To prevent this from occurring always make sure that the Ethernet cable is seated properly in the dock before installing the computer. As a further precaution we now recommend that ALL customers break the tab off their dockside Ethernet connection. This can be accomplished by gripping the tab firmly with a pair of pliers and twisting it off. Smooth any remaining burrs before installation. If a user finds their computer locked to the Ethernet cable while docked, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE COMPUTER FROM THE DOCK, damage to the computer's Ethernet port may occur. Instead loosen the setscrew holding the Ethernet cable head and push the cable through the topside of the dock. Once the computer and cable are separate from the dock, depress the tab and remove the cable, then break the tab off according to the instructions above.