13-inch Dock Updates

Updated off-tool sample
Updated off-tool sample of the 13-inch MacBook Pro Dock

We just got the new off tool samples from our manufacturer for the updated HD01VA13MB and HD01VA13MBP (13-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro docks).  We made a few changes on these models based on customer feedback from the first order.

• Inclusion of a tab-less ethernet cable to reduce accidental locking while the computer is docked.

• A slight modification of the ethernet port to make installation of the cable easier

• Enlarging the FireWire 800 port • Decreasing the tolerances on the FireWire 800 cables

• Modified instruction manual to reflect frequently asked questions from customers

• Shipping with the set screws separated from the unit

Basically, all of the modifications are focused around making the setup of the dock easier.  We hadn't received any complaints about the FireWire 800 cables, but the tolerance range was large enough that it could cause a tight fit, so we figured we'd take care of that while the molds were being modified. During launch we had a few customers email us asking why we were just dumping the set screws in the protective bag with the unit. This made us scratch our heads a bit since every unit we inspected had the set screws pre installed.  Turns out that during shipping vibrations were causing the set screws to occasionally back out of the bosses and run loose in the protective bag.  A minor nuisance, but we've decided to ship the new units with the screws in the hardware bag to resolve that issue.