You ain't someone till somebody hacks you...

Some crafty little bastard exploited a security hole in our blog and hacked it up real good on Friday.  No real damage was done beyond the colossal waste of time involved with restoring the site and our blog content. That'll teach me to upgrade when security patches are made available.  No order, preorder, or customer information was compromised, or even close to being compromised, basically it was the internet equivalent of throwing a brick through someone's window.  We've upgraded the blog and are switching to a new platform built by bona fide web developers before relaunch, so hopefully this will be our first and last hacking lesson.

  • David A. Lewis says...

    Hi Guys!

    The product photography and general design concept are FABULOUS! (as in “wish I’d thought of it first!” ;-)

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having a few start-up/launch/site-hacking problems…

    Meanwhile,, some ONGOING and very CURRENT feedback on what’s happening, and how/when we can expect some improvement of “supply” in the face of what sounds like considerable unfufilled “demand” would be helpful…

    Nobody minds waiting a “while” for a GOOD thing… but the lack of open feedback gets really frustrating, REALLY fast!

    (now, if you can tell me when the new MacPro towers, with the 6-core chips, will ACTUALLY be shipping… ;-}}
    —-Steve Jobs “playing his cards too close to his vest” is REALLY starting to badly piss-off a lot of Mac-geek/developer types!

    Hope you’ll spare a few minutes every other day to freshen up the “expected shipping date” information, so WE don’t get too frustrated, as well…

    Can’t wait to get a “dock” to tidy up the top of my (physical) desktop!

    Best regards,

    On March 17, 2014

  • Matthew Vroom says...

    Thanks for the kind words David! I wont post your comment up since your signature has your personal info in it, but I’m writing a post right now to hopefully address some of your questions!

    On March 17, 2014

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