What we've been up to... Part 1 - Supply Chain

Okay! Here we go... Despite the lack of apparent happenings on the Henge Docks website we have been very busy. If you're new to the party, let me bring you up to speed. Basically, when we launched we got absolutely swamped. We sold two months' worth of inventory during our launch week, the onslaught of emails, press inquiries and distributor requests quickly overwhelmed our small team. Our website went down, our payment processing slowed to a crawl, we even outstripped the Post Office's ability to pick up docks. We hired a handful of people right off the bat, but it was pretty clear we needed to tear this whole business down and start from scratch rather than try to make the changes on the fly. A business selling a lot of products sounds like a good problem, and it is, but it also causes a ton of very serious issues.  So, starting at the supply chain level, we've worked with our manufacturer to shorten the lead times for our orders, so we can restock faster and more efficiently.  Instead of bouncing design changes back and forth to Hong Kong we've streamlined the development process by sending the manufacturer every model (and sub model) of unibody MacBook and plastic MacBook ever produced. If you thought buying one MacBook was fun, trying buying a half dozen at a time, and no, it never gets old. This way they can test and verify measurements on the fly without having to send prototypes half way around the word every time something minor needs to be changed. Development times for the new models are now much shorter, and the plastic MacBooks and 15-inch models are already in production. The second part of the supply chain we had to fix was distribution. Initially we were handling the fulfillment of orders internally, during launch it became apparent that was not going to be sustainable.  Since we had to hand processes hundreds of orders a day, we sent a few wrong units to the wrong people.  Well, no more!  We brought on a heavy hitting distribution company with the bandwidth to sustain and grow with our business.  Now we'll have faster, more reliable order fulfillment. The final segment, which we are still implementing, is our international distribution and reseller network. There has been a lot of interest from international resellers in the Henge Docks product lineup. We've begun setting up regional agreements with distributors around the world. One we are able to stock them up our international customers will be able to purchase locally rather than dealing with the hassles that come along with customs, high shipping fees, VATs and bounced shipments. Next Up... Website!