What we’ve been up to… Part 2 – Website

With the new supply chain setup the next issue was our website. During launch all of the ugly CSS hacks, standards non-compliance and slow hosting problems resulted in a site that was sluggish and frequently down.  We also had problems with payment gateway rejecting payments and miscalculating shipping rates.  Our international customers probably appreciated this, since we we're undercharging them 20%-40% on every package.  When you're shipping stuff to the Czech Repulblic, that gets expensive really fast. A while back we switched hosting companies and got rid of most of the lagging issues. We decided that it would be best to hire a real, bona fide, web development company to rebuild the back-end of our site and start using a CMS. We also had them implement a customized shopping cart solution and payment gateway to smooth-out the order process.  The best part is that our order systems will talk directly with the warehouse, which will make the fulfillment system much more reliable. Our new found efficiency also means lower shipping rates across the board for our customers since Henge Docks can take advantage of the warehouse's discounted rates from the big carriers. Next Up... Funding!

  • Corey says...

    I’m a shipper and its been more than 5 years and our shipping rates on the website STILL do not calculate properly. Its frustrating, but try to stay on top of it….

    On March 17, 2014

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