Henge Docks Announces Universal MagSafe Compatibility

An ongoing struggle Henge Docks has had with our current dock design has been MagSafe compatibility. When Apple originally launched the MagSafe connector in January 2006 it was only available in a square format (seen below). This single connector style made designing our docks rather straightforward from a power supply standpoint, simply make a port void identical in size to the MagSafe on the dock and allow customers to lock in their existing power supply.  This made the docks easy to produce and circumvented the largest hurdle to MacBook compatible docking stations, Apple's proprietary MagSafe connector. 

MagSafe Connectors
Apple's three different styles of MagSafe connector.

 With the introduction of the original MacBook Air and their Airline MagSafe Adapter things started to get complicated. The Air didn't have the clearance for the square style connector so Apple switched to a right angle style connector (shown above, in the middle). Later, Apple incorporated the right angle style connector into their 27-inch Cinema Display to supply power to MacBooks while using the external monitor. Until April 2010, all of the non-Air MacBooks shipped with the square style MagSafe connector. About the time Henge Docks launched its first model Apple discontinued production of the square connector and introduced a cylindrical right-angle MagSafe connector. Almost immediately we begin to get complaints from customers frustrated with the lack of compatibility between connectors.  Buying an $80 power adapter for a $65 dock is not an ideal situation. We began work on a system that would allow us full compatibility across all MagSafe designs, yet not tie us to the current line-up should Apple introduce a new style of cable.  

MagSafe Adapter System
Henge Docks proprietary MagSafe Adapter Tool.

 Officially our solution is called the "MagSafe Adapter Tool," but internally we've come to call them Chiclets since they resemble the chewing gum by the same name.  Each style of MagSafe connector has its own dedicated MagSafe Adapter Tool that snaps over the head of the cable. This makes each cable head the same size enabling them to fit into a universal port on our dock.  Each new dock model will come with three MagSafe Adapters labled A, B and C, allowing for compatibility with each style of connector. Note of clarification : As of 10-25-2010 the current stock of 13-inch MacBook Aluminum Unibody (HD01VA13MB) docks do not incorporate this feature. However, all future shipments will include the MagSafe Adapter Tools.