New Henge Docks Features

Perimeter Foot
Henge Docks now feature a full non-skid rubber base.
In addition to the MagSafe Adapter Tool featured in our previous post Henge Docks has incorporated a number of new features into our line of MacBook docking stations.  We've added a full rubber non-skid perimeter foot to the base of the dock in order to improve stability and aesthetics.  We've also rounded off the inside edges to assist in routing the cables under the dock.
High Quality Audio Cables
New high quality audio cables.
A common complaint we received concerned audio cable interference and over all sound quality, so we are now including higher quality audio cables with a higher gauge cable with every new dock to cut down on quality loss. If analog isn't your thing the new docks also have a Mini-TOSLink compatible audio port for optical digital out. Henge Docks will be launching a line of custom Mini-TOSLink cables designed to work specifically with our docking system in the next few weeks. The Mini-TOSLink cables will be available for purchase independently of the docking system. A few other features not shown in photos include, reversing of the set screws so that the Apple logo and the Henge Docks logo reside on the same side when docked.  We've also contoured the bottom of the units where the computer rests to help stabilize the setup during docking and undocking.
Retail ready packaging
New retail ready packaging.

This one is more for our reseller and distributor partners, but we've revamped our packing designs so they are retail ready. A full line-up of SKUs and Barcodes will help keep inventory straight, while models specific markings and port layout diagrams will make it easier for customers to identify which model they need before purchase. The retail boxed units now ship in cartons of 6 or 12 to cut down on freight charges.