Plastic MacBook, Version A Preorders are going live!

MacBook, Version A Dock

We're back, with new units!  Starting today we're going to begin notifying our Plastic MacBook, Version A Preorder customers in blocks based on their original Preoder date. As before, we want to make sure customers who have been on the list the longest get a chance to place orders first, so if you're on the list and haven't received an email yet, don't worry we haven't forgotten about you! The new units are for the original Plastic MacBook that was available in Black and White. These new docks carry the feature set we posted about earlier this week including MagSafe compatibility across all plug styles, the new contoured receiver, full perimeter foot and reversed set-screw arrangement. Henge Docks wont be supplying the Mini-DVI to DVI adapters, but they are still available from Apple and work perfectly with our docking setup.

MacBook, Version A Dock
  • Fuzzy Wells says...

    Wish you had it in black to match my black MacBook.

    On March 17, 2014

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