Henge Docks' Upgrade Program [Expired]

Existing customers, has the news of our second generation docks got you feeling a bit of early adopter remorse? We know that feeling all too well and we want to take care of our customers. So, for a limited time, we're offering free upgrades or credits toward a new docking station to our existing customers. If you purchased a 13-inch MaBook/Pro docking station within the last 30 days you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to our second generation unit with the return of your old dock.  All of our other existing customers are eligible for a 50% credit toward the purchase of a new dock regardless of when you purchased your dock. To request an upgrade please email orders@hengedocks.com with the first and last name your original purchase was placed under and we will supply you with a coupon. Our upgrade program will expire at 12:01 AM CST on December 5th, 2010.

UPDATE - Upgrade FAQ

Q - Can I apply the upgrade coupon to the Mini DisplayPort Adapters or the Mini TOSLink Cables when the become available? A - Upgrade coupons can only be applied to docking stations.

Q - I purchased multiple docks originally, will I get a 50% discount on all of my upgrades? A - Yes, the coupons will work for multiple docks on a single order, however each coupon code is only good for one checkout completion.

Q - Can I buy another type of dock with my coupon than I originally purchased? A - Yes, the coupons can be applied to any dock currently in stock.

Q - Why are you guys doing this? A - We've been early adopters too and we hate the feeling of being left out in the cold when a company makes significant, but rapid life cycle updates. Given our supply shortages, selling discounted inventory doesn't make the bean counters very happy, but we think its the right thing to do.