New Henge Docks User Guide v3.2

Henge Docks User Guide v3.2

Our customer service reps have been doing some trial runs on a new setup method for the 15-inch and 17-units to increase connection reliability and make the initial installation easier.  Basically, the new setup procedure involves inverting the computer and dock, installing the cables through the port voids directly into the computer. Given the positive feedback we've received from the new installation method we decided to update the User Guide with the new method. An additional update directed to 15-inch and 17-inch users also states that at least one USB Cable and one Audio In/Out Cable should be installed. This greatly decreases the likelihood of port binding on the larger chassis styles. The new manuals will not find their way into Henge Docks packaging until our next inventory cycle, but in the mean time we've made it available for download through our site (PDF Download Link).