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Mini TOSLINK Fiber Optic Audio Cables Now Available

Henge Docks is launching our line of custom Mini TOSLINK Fiber Optic Audio Cables.  The Mini TOSLINK cable hooks into the audio out port on any MacBook Pro and allows the output of digital audio to high end TV's and stereo equipment. In a home theater this means unrivaled sound quality for music and watching movies. The Henge Docks Mini TOSLINK Fiber Optic Audio Cable is compatible with all Vertical Docks manufactured after October 2010. If your Vertical Dock came with our MagSafe Adapter Tools (Chiclets) then it is compatible with the Mini TOSLINK Fiber Optic Audio Cables.
Henge Docks Mini TOSLINK Cable

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March 17, 2014

Are these still available? I am really interested in one. Thanks!

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