Introducing the Henge Desk

Too many MacBooks and not enough desks? No problem, just build a Henge Desk. 


Henge Desk

Henge Desk is constructed from two 15-inch Henge Docks, two 15-inch MacBook Pros, one 17-inch MacBook Pro, a 13-inch MacBook and a G4 PowerBook, a retro-futuristic accent designed to subtlety convey the temporal fragility of the human condition.


  • Glen says...

    While this is funny, it also illustrates the problem with your current design: the docked macbook loses most of its functionality (screen, keyboard, trackpad). The dock I want is all about cable management. Give me a nice little plastic strip that includes all 9 of my MacBook Pro’s left-side ports and tidy’s up the cables. Pop on the strip when I get to work, pop it off when I leave.

    On March 17, 2014

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