Henge Docks Goes to Paris!

The Henge Docks team just made our trade show circuit debut last week in Europe with CU Exposed 2011. The first show was in Paris followed by a second in London two days later. The first half of the team arrived in Paris with boxes full of docks while the second half arrived in London, rented a right (wrong) hand drive Audi and filled it with Henge Docks booth equipment. They ended up driving to Paris by way of the Euro Tunnel's Autotrain which is a neat experience in itself. Driving in the wrong country on the right side of the road on the wrong side of a car, however, was not.
In typical Henge Docks fashion, there were many adventures in the two days leading up to show. These involved, in no order of hilarity: involuntary tours of Paris in errant taxis, a restaurant that served wine in baby bottles, a banged up rental car, getting yelled at for being British, and an introduction to what the Irish call "social drinking." Despite the team being up way too late the night before making new European friends, we were ready to rock the Paris expo.
We even picked up a French speaker along the way, Leila, who really saved our hides since none of us knew how to say "dock" or "undock" in French (it's "dock" and "undock" in case you were wondering). We met a lot of cool people and enjoyed checking out the other booths. It was fun to finally meet the faces behind some of our favorite Apple accessory manufacturers after a year of correspondence with many of them. The outpouring of interest over the Henge Docks system was beyond our expectations and equally exciting.
We'd like to extend a big thanks to the CU team especially James, Jane, Kerry, Charles, and Mike for going to great lengths to take care of us during the stay. We could not have had such a successful show without them and look forward to many opportunities in the future.