MacBook Pro Retina Display Arrives at Henge Docks

MacBook Pro Retina  

We just received our first shipment of new Retina Display equipped MacBook Pros. After only a short time with the new machines we began to get very excited about their potential. Everyone knows about the specs - the display is fantastic, it is amazingly fast, its thinner and lighter, but one really cool feature has gone unnoticed. The MacBook Pro has three ports that can accommodate video out and will run at least three external displays in addition to the internal Retina Display right out of the box. Previous MacBook Pro's were limited to two daisy-chained Thunderbolt displays, if you didn't have a Thunderbolt Display you were stuck with a single external monitor. There are some third party options available to run multiple external monitors on older MacBook Pros, but they required additional software and setup. In our tests on the MacBook Pro Retina Display we found no discernible lag when running four 1080P video feeds off of YouTube. This is a serious machine. Apple has thoughtfully placed power, display, data and audio ports all on the same side of the new machine. That means a new generation Henge Docks is on its way. The desktop workstation potential is going to be huge for the new MacBook Pro Retina. MacBook Pro Retina Display Measurements