Henge Docks Introduces the Gravitas


Henge Docks was very excited to show pre-production models of the Gravitas dock at CES last week!  The Gravitas is an all-metal dock for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. The mass of the Gravitas has been optimized for single-­handed docking and undocking by using the weight of the dock to overcome the force required to remove the device. Despite the impressive weight, the dock has a remarkably small footprint that is only about 3-­inches in diameter and 2-­inches tall, maximizing desk space.  We really enjoyed watching people's reactions when they picked them up and realized how solid they are!

The Gravitas dock ship with three, simple interchangeable inserts to accommodate the different devices and most cases. The Gravitas allows for easy syncing and charging through the included USB cable.

The Lightning Gravitas dock is available for no-­commitment preorder through our online store.

The Gravitas dock will be priced at $69.