The Gravitas Has Landed!

The Henge Docks team is excited to announce the arrival of the Gravitas!  Proving its sturdiness, the Gravitas weathered its way through a plethora of perilous conditions on its journey to our warehouses. No shipping debacle or winter storm could keep these hefty devices from arriving on time. The mass of the Gravitas has been optimized for single-handed docking and undocking by using the weight of the dock to overcome the force required to remove the device.  With a remarkably small footprint of only about 3 inches (76mm), the Gravitas proves that big things do indeed come in small packages.

The Gravitas is perfect for use with iPhone or iPad to connect speakers, charge and sync devices using the included USB cable, chat with friends and colleagues at an optimal 7° angle for FaceTime, and of course, effortlessly grab your device and go. Swappable inserts allow the Gravitas significant versatility with the ability to house a variety of iPhone and iPad models.

The Gravitas dock is supported by our Life After Device program.  Life After Device is our way of providing ongoing support of our products.  For the Gravitas, we will create new compatible inserts for future generations of Apple devices.