CES 2014: The Adventure Begins

CES 2014 is here! In a Suburban loaded down with docks, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Pelican cases, tools, plywood, lots of tape, suitcases, and four people, the team made the trip from San Francisco on Sunday. After weeks of preparation, including many a late night constructing the show booth, a traffic stopping loading debacle with the booth crate, and an early morning game of real life Tetris to ensure everything fit in the truck, the Henge Docks team arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.

Kristin and Chelsea guarding the truck during a pit stop.

Following a quick stop at the hotel to drop off suitcases, the work on setting up the booth began.  The team headed to the Las Vegas Convention Center where the booth crate awaited.

The crate that holds the booth materials.
The crate that holds the booth materials.

This year's CES booth was designed by Henge Docks' product developer and industrial designer, Brandon, and certainly showcases his talents.  Inspired by the Henge Docks office, the booth walls are constructed of California redwood, and are a perfect example of Henge Docks coupling of form and function.

Walls of the booth constructed with redwood.
Walls of the booth boasting two 70" TVs.

Also constructed were all of the shelving and tables, including a retail display for the center of the back wall and smaller shelves that fit into the wall corners to display vertical docking stations.

70" screens televise Henge Docks product line up.
70" screens televise Henge Docks product line up during the show.

If you're attending CES, stop by experience the Henge Docks booth and interact with our full line up of products.  We're located in the iLounge, Booth 6808. We hope to see you there!