Happy Birthday, Mac!

This year, Macintosh celebrates its 30th birthday. Many things have already been written about how Mac changed the world, so I won’t attempt to add any more words to that topic, but we wanted to share some of our stories about our introductions to these remarkable machines, in honor of this Mac milestone.

Cheers to 30 years of Macintosh!

Cheers to 30 years of Macintosh!

Mac was about 15 when we met back in junior high. My school had ‘technology’ in its name, so I was groomed from a young age to be a tech nerd. There were classrooms dedicated to PCs, and others to Macs. This was back in the late-90s, before Macs were ubiquitous in education. Students had time each day on both machines. Working in the Mac lab was always my favourite. The simplicity of such a powerful machine intrigued me, as it still does today. Unfortunately, my dad was a PC man, and there was no convincing him otherwise, so my only interaction with Mac was at school. That continued through college, when I bought my own Mac – an early 2008 black MacBook. Arguably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made - and I buy a lot of things!  It’s still with me, along with a MacBook Air, and of course my iPhone and iPad. I’ve come a long way from that Macintosh lab in middle school – all the way to a career focused on making the MacBook experience even simpler with our docking stations. Screen shot of Apple's Mac 30 mini site. Original Macintosh is pictured left, with Mac's current form pictured right.

Screen shot of Apple's Mac 30 mini site. Original Macintosh is pictured left, with Mac's current form on the right.

Mac has been a part of our CEO Matt's life since he was a young boy. He says of meeting Mac: "I was five years old when I encountered my first Mac, it was probably the first computer I touched. At some point during 1985 someone with a lot of foresight thought it would be a good idea to put a $5,200 (adjusted for inflation) Macintosh into a preschool room and teach children to use it. I have very distinct memories of using the drawing program until the teacher forcibly made me share and occasionally dragging every folder on the desktop into the trash can. "I was very fortunate to have that experience at such a young age at a time where there market penetration for the personal computer was something like 1% (and in Missouri of all places). While my first interaction with that Macintosh made a huge impact on me, I was young enough that it wasn’t a new thing, to me the personal computer had always existed. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized just how important that distinction was on determining my interests and path in life, even relative to my peers. "Now, I can see history repeating itself in friends’ young children that have been given hand-me-down iPhones. I’ve seen a toddler using a touch screen and mimic talking on the phone before she has spoken her first word (adorable!). To them, the smartphone has always existed and it will be an integral part to the paths they pursue." Do you remember your first encounter with Mac, or have any notable Mac stories? Share with us in the comments below!