SXSW: Organized Chaos

The first three days of SXSW have flown by - and our products have been flying off the shelves! Once again, our redwood booth and beautiful docks have been a hit here at the trade show. Our retail display is looking pretty lean; a lot of people are going home with new Henge Docks gear! The team has been busy talking to all of our visitors to Booth 1419, and our show specials have made a lot of people happy new dock owners. 

Lean shelf
Products are going quickly!

We've been rocking out to our Audioengine speakers, and now David Francis of Pearland, Texas, will be doing the same! With his at-show purchase of the Gravitas, David was entered to win the Audioengine A2+ speakers. He and other entrants came back to the Henge Docks booth Monday afternoon, and a fierce battle of rock, paper, scissors ensued. After several rounds, David came out on top and he and his son proudly took the spoils!

The tournament participants ready for battle!

Tournament participants ready for battle! Winner David is 2nd in from the left!

We have another Audioengine giveaway - if you're at SXSW, visit us in Booth 1419, and if you purchase a Gravitas, you'll be entered to win. Just remember to come back to the booth, where you'll face your competition in rock, paper, scissors Wednesday at 3pm! The Gravitas also had a cameo at the SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program's SXSW Speakeasy. Anyone looking for a charge could use the Gravitas provided at the venue. It was great to see the Gravitas in full force at an event for other entrepreneurs - we always enjoy interacting with other startup folks.

SoftLayer Speakeasy GravitasGravitas-in-Residence at SoftLayer's Speakeasy

There's one more day of the SXSW interactive trade show. If you haven't already visited, be sure to stop by and see us! And of course we love repeat visitors! Booth 1419 for SXSW specials on all of our products! We wouldn't be upset if you brought us some BBQ, either!

  • Jamie says...

    Ha! Surely you jest! Have you been following this vaporware? Delay, delays, delays. It will never see the light of day

    On May 02, 2014

  • Jerem says...

    Will you announce a retail date for the horizontal dock ??

    Thanks: )

    On March 17, 2014

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