Happy 4th Birthday, Henge Docks!

Four years ago this past Friday, Henge Docks turned four years old! We’ve come a long way from those first docking stations in April 2010. Henge Docks started as an idea in our CEO, Matthew Vroom’s head, after becoming increasingly frustrated with the process of connecting and disconnecting his MacBook to external displays. Misplacing cables, a cluttered desk, and the tedium of plugging in all those cables over and over got Matt to thinking, and he came up with the first designs that would later become the first Henge Docks.

Initial Henge Docks sketches

As we ramp up for the release of the new Vertical Retina Docks, we can’t help but think about the craziness of our initial product launch. Our first docking stations for MacBook and MacBook Pro sold out within a week!
Original MacBook Dock

An estimated two months of inventory was gone in less than seven days. Even though we sold out and were stressed out, it was all worth it when the first review hit in the popular tech blog Engadget. Darren Murph gave a glowing review, stating, “Out of nowhere, Henge Docks has emerged in order to provide a solution to your MacBook docking woes, and we’ve go to say – for a first try, the products being offered up here look mighty fine.” We couldn’t agree more and, like a fine scotch, we’ve only improved with age!

When Henge Docks first launched, we had one product and our team knew little about manufacturing, pricing, shipping, or customer service. We learned a lot of lessons when we launched our first product and we’ve attempted, albeit not always perfectly, to put those lessons into good use. We started with three committed but inexperienced founders. Our team and experience have grown exponentially. In April 2010, we had one SKU. Today we have 25. We started with one manufacturer recommended by a friend. Today we have three. We started making docking stations for MacBooks. Today, we cover Apple’s full line up of laptops, phones, and tablets. Our Henge Docks originals required some technical ability to set up. Today, it’s plug and play.

In four years, we've gone from a mere idea and a few quick sketches, to a fully grown company offering a truly comprehensive lineup of docking solutions. We started with a passion for reducing cable clutter, helping streamline the connection of a MacBook to a TV or external display, and simplifying your life. Today, we still do all of those things, but are dedicated to design, to comfort, and building the most beautiful, effective homes for your Apple devices. Welcome home, Apple. We arrived here together. Here's to four great years, and to many amazing more!

The Henge Docks Family

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