Happy Fathers' Day from Henge Docks!

As mentioned in our previous post, Fathers’ Day is just around the corner. At Henge Docks, we want all the dads out there to receive the coolest gifts around. In honor of Dad, we’re offering free shipping* on all Henge Docks purchases. Simply enter FathersDay2014#2 at checkout for free ground or expedited shipping on your order!

If your pops is an audiophile, he’ll love a set of Audioengine A2+ or A5+ powered desktop speakers, now available on our website. These speakers’ quality sound and sleek design would make any dad proud.

Audioengine A2+ speakers

A sound gift! The Audioengine A2+ powered desktop speakers.
No iPhone owning dad should be without a Gravitas - and with free shipping for Dad’s holiday, there’s no better time to get him one of these powerful docks! No doubt he’ll like its charging and syncing capabilities, and its audio out port, but the heft of this dock is made for Dad - strong and sturdy, just like him.
Henge Docks Gravitas iPhone iPad Dock iTunes music audio charge sync
Dad can charge, sync, and rock out with Gravitas!
Still don’t know what to get for your dad for Fathers’ Day? Head over to our Pinterest for more ideas. We’ve cultivated a variety of products to suit the various dads out there, and will continue to add to it, so you’ll have plenty of possible gifts to get dad for his day!
And remember that for Fathers’ Day, we’re offering free shipping for all orders at HengeDocks.com. Enter coupon code FathersDay2014#2 for free ground or expedited shipping! Happy shopping, and cheers to Dad from the Henge Docks team!

*Free shipping in US only
  • IPhono says...

    the dock looks great, does it work if you have a case on your phone?

    On June 11, 2014

  • Frank says...

    HAHHA, Chillll out Jacob bro. Everyone is eager to get the new product, but have you ever manufactured something on the scale of hundreds? or even thousands? It’s not easy to get it right. Even good ol’ Steve jobs could not do it. Tim cook is a pro.

    No need to get so angry.

    On June 08, 2014

  • Jacob says...

    So what you are saying is that it is yet again delayed? Wonder why I’m not surprised. This is just one lie after another. Worst credibility ever.

    On June 03, 2014

  • Henge Docks says...

    We’re simply waiting to hear about shipping dates from our manufacturer. Once we know those, we’ll have an exact release date. Then we’ll send the email to your preorder customers!

    On June 02, 2014

  • Baptiste says...

    What about the " Vertical Retina Docks (which will be out at the end of this month)"? May is over and it seems there’s an other delay! :(
    Can we have some updates?
    PS: congrats for your new website ;)

    On June 02, 2014

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