Gravitas and Siri: Your Hands-Free Personal Assistant

This past Monday, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, saw Apple unveiling myriad new features to their various operating systems as well as a host of great new apps. The Henge Docks team of course watched the live stream from our office, eager as always to keep up on all things Apple.

While there are many innovations and improvements that Apple announced at WWDC, one in particular stood out to us - the ability to use Siri hands-free with iOS 8. The caveat is that in order to do this, your iPhone or iPad will have to be connected to a Lightning connector. Many people just plug in their phone or tablet using their Lightning cable attached to a wall outlet - a setup that doesn't allow you to readily see your iPhone or iPad's screen without picking it up. All of us here at Henge Docks have our iPhones and iPads docked in the Gravitas at our desks all day, providing the perfect viewing angle, and we realized this addition to the newest iDevice operating system makes pairing a Gravitas with an iPhone or iPad the perfect personal assistant. Simply dock your iPhone or iPad in the Gravitas, and the world is available at your voice command!

At your desk and wondering how to get to a destination you’re headed to after work? Simply ask how to get there and Siri will show you, displaying directions prominently from your Gravitas, with no need to hold down the home button on your iPhone or to even pick up the phone to see the screen! Matt demonstrates below:

Does your Gravitas allow your iPad to serve as the world’s most extensive cookbook from its perch in the kitchen? Now when you’re preparing dinner and wondering what to make for dessert, you can ask Siri to call up recipes for your after-dinner treat, without having to wash your hands so as not to dirty your tablet’s screen.

Use your Gravitas to display your iPhone as your alarm clock from your nightstand? Just ask Siri to set an alarm for the next morning - there’s no longer any need to physically handle your phone to program your wake up call, and you can see Siri got it right from just a quick glance at your Gravitas.

Thinking ahead to Fathers’ Day, maybe Dad wants to rock out on his holiday. With Gravitas and his iDevice on iOS 8, he can simply ask Siri to play his favourite playlist, and iTunes will automatically play, even if he’s across the room. And remember, we’re offering free ground and expedited shipping in the US for Fathers’ Day with the code FathersDay2014#2!

These are just a few ways to utilize this new feature in iOS 8. Together, Gravitas and iPhone or iPad can be your very own personal assistant, with no need to fumble with your iDevice to interact with Siri. Check it out!