Vertical Retina Dock Update #3

In our last update, everything looked to be on schedule with the Vertical Retina Docks. However, through in-house testing of first production run samples, we discovered that the preinstalled cable extensions were not properly set up at the factory, resulting in a delay of the release of these docks. This issue has since been resolved, and we are in the process of establishing a new delivery date.

This is what we hope will be the third and final update regarding the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display. We’ve devoted tireless energy to this product, and could not be more invested in getting it to our customers as soon as possible. As always, we thank you for your continued support.

A few weeks ago, we received 100 sample units of the Vertical Retina Dock from its initial production run. We used these units to do in-house testing and quality control. We inspected everything from the packaging all the way to the connectivity of the cables. Each dock was taken out of its box and put through detailed testing and extensive inspection.

 Close-up of cable mispositioning.

During this process, we discovered that the vertical alignment of some of the preinstalled cables was inconsistent with the tolerances that were specified. This mispositioning could cause the docked MacBook to experience alignment issues, resulting in a lack of connectivity, and a much more difficult setup for the end user. We were able to produce solutions for these occurrences in-house, and then worked with our manufacturer to ensure that it will be resolved before the docks go out to you. New jigs were manufactured to align the cables correctly, a new batch of first run samples was created, and the entire first run was reworked and reassembled. The other hurdle we encountered involved the Vertical Retina Dock packaging, which we have also resolved with our manufacturer.

We were upset that these issues happened so close to the anticipated release of the Vertical Retina Dock, but are glad that we were able to address them, ensuring that the final product that our customers will receive will be of the highest quality. Producing the Vertical Retina Docks is currently our top priority. There are countless people fervently awaiting these docks, and no one is more intent on their release than we are. We know very well that these delays have been of the utmost frustration to many, including ourselves. We hope to have these docks out very soon, and are both motivated and humbled by your ongoing interest and support.


Matt Vroom, CEO


Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display