Heavy Metal! Audioengine + Gravitas Summer Sale!


As many of you know, earlier this year Henge Docks partnered with Audioengine USA, and we now offer their awesome speakers on our website. Audioengine produces the best computer audio on the market, which is the perfect companion to the Gravitas - the best iPhone/iPad dock on the market! It’s a match made in audio heaven - and now we’re having a special summer sale on Audioengine and Gravitas bundles!

Between now and August 31, 2014, if you order a set of Augioengine A2+ or A5 speakers, you’ll receive a free Gravitas! There’s never been a better time to invest in a new sound system!

The sleek design and powerful hi-fi sound quality of both the Audioengine A5 and A2+ Powered Desktop Speakers are a perfect complement to our Gravitas iPhone/iPad Dock. Simply dock your iPhone or iPad in the Gravitas, and your iTunes will stream through these great speakers, allowing you to jam out to the fullest of your abilities. Here at Henge Docks, that’s exactly what we do, perhaps sometimes to the ire of the upstairs neighbors - that’s how powerful these speakers are!

Both the Gravitas and Audioengine speakers have a compact footprint, but pack a big punch. Together they’re quite the harmonious team. If you’re looking for a new sound system, or are looking to upgrade your current speakers, look no further!

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