Fully Charged! Gravitas with Mophie Case

As many of you know, we recently released our iPhone Case Compatible Insert for the Gravitas Lightning Dock. This insert accommodates most slim iPhone cases and has been a great addition to the Gravitas, especially for the abundance of iPhone users that prefer to keep their phone protected in a case and crave the convenience and great design of the Gravitas dock.

One thing about our Case Compatible Insert that you may or may not have noticed is that the back plate of the insert is, in fact, removable. This was a deliberate design feature, but is rarely used, as most cases with thicker backs also have thicker frames, leading them to not fit in the insert. However, we recently discovered a great use for this removable back plate.

A customer had written into us asking if the Gravitas was compatible with Mophie charging cases. Our initial reaction was that it would not, as Mophie's cases feature a micro-USB connection, which of course would not fit with the embedded Lightning connector in the dock. Some quick thinking changed this assessment, though. We took one of our in-house Mophie cases and unlatched the bottom piece of the case, revealing the Lightning port on the iPhone. Then we took one of our iPhone Case Compatible Inserts and removed the back plate. We placed the insert in the dock, and then put the iPhone with the top portion of the Mophie case into the insert and voila! It was a perfect fit!

The removable back plate offered just the right amount of clearance to accommodate the Mophie case, and together with the rest of the insert provided an exceptional amount of stability to the iPhone and Mophie case while docked in the Gravitas. For those customers with Mophie cases, this is a very delightful discovery. Now you can keep your phone fully charged, 100% of the time - both on the go with your Mophie case, and while docked in the Gravitas!