Update: The Horizontal Dock for 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air

While we are happy to announce that the Horizontal Dock for 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is available for purchase, we also wanted to give those customers that are looking forward to the Horizontal Dock for 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina model and the MacBook Air model an update.

Our primary focus with the Horizontal Dock has been the 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina model. We based this decision on early preorder numbers, as this MacBook was most popular among those who signed up for preorder. Our team wanted to perfect this first Horizontal Dock, and then focus on the 13-inch Macbook Pro Retina model, followed by the MacBook Air model.

The Horizontal Dock for 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display will be out in late 2015. As the port layout of this MacBook is the same as the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, there are only a few changes that must be made for the 13-inch Horizontal Dock. This mainly entails our manufacturer updating the tooling used to create the dock, which is what will take the most time before we can release this model.

Our product engineers are currently working on the plans for the Horizontal Dock for MacBook Air. As they are still very early on in this process, we do not yet have a timeline for this dock, but it is definitely on our product roadmap! Once we have more information, we will let everyone know!

The Henge Docks team is very excited about all of these models of the Horizontal Dock. This dock is incredibly powerful, and we know our customers want to get their hands on this for their model of MacBook. We thank you for your continued interest in this product, and know that we are working diligently to deliver all planned models of the Horizontal Dock out as soon as possible!
  • Henge Docks says...

    @Raymond – While the single USB-C port MacBook is great for multiple reasons, for those who want more port real estate, a dock would be the way to go! Since we just found out about the new MacBook, we don’t yet have a dock, but stay tuned!

    On March 10, 2015

  • Raymond says...

    I need to order a new Macbook Pro. Everyone is telling me to wait for the ‘single connector – USB-C’ design to make it’s way to the the Macbook Pro line.

    If I do wait, there’s really no need for a dock anymore. Connecting a single cable for everything (power, usb, display, everything) is far easier than any dock could possibly be.

    Can you argue against waiting for the USB-C model? Maybe instead of a docking station, you could retarget it as a $400 Kensington lock port or a $400 SD card reader.

    On March 10, 2015

  • James Antonicello says...

    Your company will not grow , if you continue with your current business practices. Listen to what your customers are saying! There is something very wrong with how you are managing product development and customer relations! Have you forgotten your a Tech company? Start acting like one!

    On March 05, 2015

  • Jose Calero Lomelin says...

    Please make the dock for MacBook Air available !!!!

    On January 30, 2015

  • Jamie says...

    The charade continues. This unicorn first broke onto the promise landscape over two years ago and if I remember correctly, was quoted as a $249 dock. Now you feel the need to motorize it (i.e., more shit to break) and charge $400, and all the while assuring people that it’s better than the competition? First of all, that remains to be seen and second, the competition is on their second and third revisions for products that don’t have motors or broken promises. Your company is laughable and I pity the person who has to monitor these boards and keep putting on a fake smile for all the pissed off customers who have all but given up on your vaporware. I really hope Apple changes the design of the next MacBook Pro Retina so that you have to eat all of these worthless docks, assuming, of course, that they’re actually being produced and being shipped.

    On January 07, 2015

  • David says...

    I think it is completely unethical to have charged my credit card NOW in January for a shipment that is not going to happen until April. What if you go out of business? Stranger things have happened. I am going to dispute the charge on my card because I placed my order in good faith, that, like any other reputable business, you would not take money from someone unless a product has been shipped. Shame!!

    On January 07, 2015

  • Angelo says...

    Well this release is way too late if you watch the product life-cycle of apple products. The customer communication was also very poor. I just bought a second power supply and screwed an usb hub under my desk. Then I tied all connection cabels together and put them on top of my desk. That solves most of my use cases instantly.

    On January 05, 2015

  • Michael says...

    24 months late delivery on a product, I would have been fired and looking for a job by now. With that said, I couldn’t wait, so I bought your upright model. I still may be interested in the 13inch model, when available.

    For those that aren’t engineers, all good docking stations are specific to a laptop model. It has to be that way since the docking stations are so closely tied to the hardware architecture; otherwise the docking station is no more than another peripheral to the PC. And that comes with peripheral speed and performance, which isn’t often very good. Every time I buy a new trunk and have to purchase a new bed cover, just the way it works in this constantly changing world.

    For Henge-Docks, I would recommend cozying up to Apple and get the MacBook specification early enough to be available when the laptop is released by Apple. You guys are so late for the current versions of the MacBook, you might as well release for the next MacBook (assuming you get with Apple now). As others have said, three years is about maximum life span for a laptop, then I am ready to jump to the latest technology again.

    Regards Michael

    On January 05, 2015

  • stephan says...

    when will you present the dock here in Germany?

    On January 05, 2015

  • stephan says...

    Great product idea.
    please try to be fast. I just bought my 13 retina mac an I look forward to buy your dock.
    Please ensure that it works with windows as well.
    For me and many of my colleagues a critical issue


    On January 05, 2015

  • JR Alicea says...

    HNY! Glad to see the horizontal dock is now a reality. I’ve patiently waited this long for its release and waiting a bit longer for the 13" Retina version isn’t an issue. Please be sure I’m included in the early adopter program.

    On January 05, 2015

  • Peter Blais says...

    I’d like to echo the sentiment of many comments already posted here. I, too, suffer from supreme disappointment in this announcement for a few different reasons: price, original release delay, additional release delay, lack of communication about what was happening all along, and just an overall mismanagement of customer expectations. I’m now saying “no thank you” to what could have been an amazing product and an amazing launch.

    On January 05, 2015

  • col J says...

    Like all other comments, I believe it will be a good product, but got tired of waiting on false promises so invested in a number of landingzone products instead.

    On January 04, 2015

  • Kim says...

    I think Ryan summed it up perfectly. I’ve been on the pre-order list for what seems like an eternity and now find a further delay unless I want to stump up $50 for the privilege (I have a 15" retina).
    It looks like a nice dock but if Apple changes design it will be of no use on a new model (my current laptop will be 2 years old by the time this ships) so I’m going to buy a different dock. Right now you’re late, expensive vapourware which can only work (I assume) on the current model – sorry but that no longer sounds like something I want to invest it.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Ben says...

    This is pretty disappointing. I don’t like the vertical docks so thought this would be a good option. Now I find that I have to keep waiting. I probably won’t buy one for my 13" as by the time I actually get the dock, it will be getting close to replacement time and I’m not going to buy an accessory for something that I will probably replace and that the replacement will have a different port layout. You guys really need to get these released as the models are released by Apple, not years after!

    On January 03, 2015

  • John Watson says...

    Thanks for the update, although
    somewhat disappointing, I do believe that good things come to those that wait. That being said, I’m still interested and just know it will be worthwhile. Best of luck!!!

    On January 03, 2015

  • Henge Docks says...

    Thanks everyone for your feedback! We appreciate hearing all of your thoughts and comments.

    We know it’s been frustrating waiting for this product – we completely agree! The truth is that this dock became so much more than originally envisioned. We completely redesigned the dock from the original prototype. With manufacturing lead times what they are, we are trying to be conservative in our estimates of when the 13-inch Retina Horizontal Dock will be available.

    As for pricing, this was carefully considered. Our offering of Thunderbolt greatly impacted this, as does the proprietary power supply. This dock is very robust, and offers many features other docks do not.

    Thank you again for your enthusiasm!

    On January 03, 2015

  • Dimitri says...

    Nice docking! a pity we need to wait till the end off 2015 for the release… but still looking forward to place my order when the 13" version comes out…

    On January 03, 2015

  • TommyCR says...

    OK — so now you’ve moved the 13" MBP Retina model back ANOTHER six to nine months +… I don’t even know what to say at this point, other than the obvious: your release estimates and your communications continue to dramatically disappoint. And Henge Docks is stubbornly unwilling to issue a simple mea culpa, choosing instead to keep on gaslighting its customers (look it up… the expression does apply). Sure — why be candid when you can blow sunshine?

    On January 03, 2015

  • Stanley Silverman says...

    Thanks for updating me on the status of the Henge Dock. It looks like a very well engineered docking station. I ended up purchasing a Landingzone which I’m happy with. My biggest concern with your product is the cost. I can see that it’s more substantial than the Landingzone but in my mind, I’m not sure it can justify the substantial cost. I just wanted to give you my thoughts and I wish you good luck with the launch of your product.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Didier germain says...

    For the 13", as it is just a manufacturing change, I don’t understand why it will come late 2015 ?

    On January 03, 2015

  • Arne says...

    Waiting longer for the 13" dock would be no problem for me, but after waiting for several month for this dock to come out, “late 2015” for the 13" version is disappointing :-(

    On January 03, 2015

  • Ryan says...

    I never thought I would see it, but here it is, sort of.

    After 2 years, and more promised release dates than Starcraft Ghost, this unicorn is available for sale. But before you start rejoicing, consider this.

    I placed a preorder 18 months ago, after being told it would be finally released by January 2014.

    You can now buy them but they still won’t ship until June 2015, unless you want to become an early adopter, then you get it in April but have to pay $50 for the privelage.

    I would have thought being on the preorder list for the last Millenia would have earnt some sort of early adopter status but apparently not, 10% off is nice but a spit in the face after the time spent leading us along for years and then charging us more for early adoption.

    Shipping in June sounds like they only just finished the product and need 6 months to actually manufacture now, unless you want to pay that extra ransom money.

    The dock is also significantly more than the initial price mentioned long long ago.

    This whole product and its rollout has left a rather biter taste and will be used in future in my marketing talks about what not to do and how things can go incredibly wrong of you aren’t honest with your customers and yourselves.

    It is such a shame a potentially great product was managed so very very poorly, record taking nearly, at least from a PR and marketing perspective.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Allen Krieger says...

    I am waiting for the release of the 13" MacBook Pro. I hope that the release date is early 2015 rather than later.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Dan Scofield says...

    Please keep me on the “update list” for the 13" MacBook Pro Retina. Thank you!

    On January 03, 2015

  • Jose Calero Lomelin says...

    PLEASE deliver the dock for the Mac Book air ASAP, we are all waiting for it !!

    On January 03, 2015

  • Alan Mawdsley says...

    I used one of your docks with a MacBookPro 13-inch (with DVD drive) for quite some time, until things changed. I now use a MacBookPro 13-inch with Retina display. When I saw your first announcement of the Horizontal Dock, I was excited, and registered for pre-order during 2013 for Q3 availability. Clearly that failed to happen.

    When I recently learned of the projected availability in Q4 2014 15-inch)/Q1 2015 13-inch, I registered again, and today received your announcement for 15-inch orders. Checking your blog now indicates that the 13-inch will be late 2015! This is disappointing in the extreme with, to me, false promises twice over. I have been a Product Manager, and understand lead times and specification changes, but as a potential customer, this is pretty poor performance, no matter how good the product may eventually be.

    As of now, I give up.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Bill Klosterman says...

    Truly disappointed with the news on the 13". Was really looking forward to this.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Gary Braun says...

    Definitely interested in the Horizontal Dock for 13 Macbook with Retina display. Please keep me posted!

    On January 03, 2015

  • Norman M. Neches says...

    Please enroll me in the Early Adopter program for the Horizontal Dock for 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

    I am really looking forward to obtaining one.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Jim Ross says...

    Very disappointed to hear that 13 inch MacPro dock will not be out until late 2015. I will have to purchase a different docking solution. Wish this had been made clear to me 2 months back – doesn’t make me happy to know I waited for a non-existent product, and doesn’t leave me with a good impression of Henge.

    On January 03, 2015

  • Eli uc says...

    Late 2015 is pretty late for the 13 inch dock. I will probably seek an alternative that I can use sooner. You guys originally claimed that this was going out Q1 2015…

    On January 03, 2015

  • Dragan Manojovic says...

    Looking forward to order the model for the 13 inc macbook retina model.

    Please contact med directly when its out and possible to order for my model.

    Regards Dragan

    On January 03, 2015

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