Update: The Horizontal Dock Early Adopter Program is Sold Out!

Since the Horizontal Dock went on sale last week, we’ve seen an incredible amount of orders come through - so much so that our Early Adopter Program has sold out! We couldn’t be more excited and thankful for the enthusiasm around this product, and we look forward to working directly with our Early Adopters as we roll out the Horizontal Dock this April.

For those who have yet to purchase a Horizontal Dock, not to worry! These powerful docks are still available for general order and will begin shipping in June.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of the Horizontal Dock and Henge Docks. We work diligently each day to bring you the best docks and accessories for your Apple products, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • Henge Docks says...

    @E. J. – It might sound silly, but have you tightened the set screws within the dock for those specific cables? We’ve seen this a few times. If you have more questions, email us, we are happy to help!

    On May 27, 2015

  • E. J. Carey says...

    I love the look and feel of the vertical dock but it seems to suffer from a design flaw. Specifically, after multiple insertions and removals the power cable follows out and a connection isn’t made. Fix that problem and it would be perfect. However, the horizontal dock may be an alternative once released. For the record I have two vertical docks and both exhibit the same flaw.

    On May 21, 2015

  • Henge Docks says...

    @Jon and Shane – we’re waiting on more information from our manufacturers about the Early Adopter units. We should have another email out soon. We apologize for the delay. Trust me, we are all just as frustrated as you are!

    On May 20, 2015

  • Jon says...

    Any update on the shipping for early adopters? Seems they’re already several weeks late.

    On May 19, 2015

  • Shane Thoms says...

    Ummm, its May and still no “early adopter” device on my desk. Thinking this is a scam???

    On May 15, 2015

  • Henge Docks says...

    @Mohan – It will have one Thunderbolt and one Mini DisplayPort connection. The Gravitas with iPhone 6 add-on insert will work for both of your iDevices!

    On February 11, 2015

  • Kd says...

    i pre ordered already, now just the gotta play the waiting game.


    On February 08, 2015

  • Mohan Balasingam says...

    Hi, I want to get the horizontal doc for my 13" macbook pro with retina display. Looking at the connections, it looks like it has 2 thunderbolt slots but under specs it only say one. can some confirm this. I need 2 slots.
    Do you guys have a docking station for both iPhone 6 & iPad?

    On February 04, 2015

  • Tony Smart says...

    I placed my order for the early adopter program and I have been charged for the dock, but it’s not shipping until April?? Seriously bummed… I want it now!

    On January 29, 2015

  • John says...

    Hi Hengedocks.
    I have to agree with James here. I have been looking through your website, with the idea of wanting a dock for both my iPhone 6 & iPad mini 3. on the navigation bar you can select ‘iPhone’ or ‘iPad’. Both take you to the same page with the same photographs & text. When you select “buy now” you are taken to another page which has the same images and text for both iPhone and iPad with images of an iPhone dock. It makes you wonder if you’re on the correct page. You have to search around a little to find the “what’s in the box” under specifications. This is a really nice dock that I would be happy to/and probably will, own, but please please please redesign your pages to make it more clear what you we actually buying. Make the “what’s in the box” a prominent feature, not one you have to hunt for. If I select the “iPad” from the drop down navigation, I want to see a photo of an iPad in the dock, not an iPhone. (and vice versa).
    Please consider these points. It may be better for sales.
    Best regards,

    On January 26, 2015

  • Henge Docks says...

    @James – The iPhone 6/6 Plus inserts are an add-on item for the Gravitas, that you would add on at the time you purchase your Gravitas. You can also purchase them separately on our website. The MacBook Air dock features passthroughs, so you would need to supply your own cables to connect to the dock. We apologize for any confusion!

    On January 21, 2015

  • James says...

    Your products are not what you advertise. Gravitas docking station I received does not work and does not fit the iPhone 6 as you have advertised. The mac air docking station was incomplete. No way to connect it with out cords. I want to send this stuff back. Very disappointing with respect to quality of the items.

    On January 16, 2015

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