Apple Announces the New MacBook

During Apple’s Spring Forward event today, the brand-new 12-inch Retina MacBook was introduced. The incredibly thin notebook features a revamped trackpad, Core M processor, edge-to-edge keyboard and a single USB-C port. This last feature, the USB-C port, is probably the new MacBook’s most talked about feature. It’s the only USB port on the MacBook! What is everyone going to do with all of their USB devices they’ve invested in over the years? Don’t worry, Henge Docks has got you covered!

Since the new MacBook was just announced, we don’t yet have a timeline for a dock for this new notebook, but we do have one in the works. Our product developers are already working on potential designs for the dock. We’re all very excited about the new MacBook, and the dock that awaits it. Once we have more information, we will of course let everyone know!

Are there any key features or functions you’re looking for in our forthcoming dock for the new MacBook? Let us know in the comments!