Meet the Henge Docks Summer Interns

Summer is here, and with it, our first interns! Here at Henge Docks, our startup environment fosters a lot of learning. Each team member enjoys the opportunity to gain knowledge in various areas across the business. We value this thirst for knowledge, and knew that Henge Docks would be a great place in which college students could thrive, where they can gain valuable skills (and have a great time). We are excited to welcome Alana and Laura to Henge Docks and introduce them to the organized chaos that is life in a San Francisco startup. 

Alana and Laura, Henge Docks' first interns.

A sophomore at University of San Francisco studying Business Administration, Alana joined us in March as our Customer Support Intern. Alana interacts directly with customers to answer any questions they might have. She also has been working with Sean, our Customer Support Strategist, to implement procedures to help grow our support team. Alana’s favorite part of her internship is that she has the opportunity to experience several different areas of the business, especially social media, marketing and branding. With the skills she’s learning here at Henge Docks coupled with her enjoyment of trying new things, Alana plans to eventually start and run her own business. Before that she would like to put her 10 years of Spanish education to use by studying abroad in Spain.

Entering her final year of study, Laura will graduate this December with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois. As Henge Docks’ Product Development Intern, Laura offers realistic mechanical solutions for any design issues for future products - she’s very excited to be directly a part of making Henge Docks products come to life. Laura loves playing board games, and is particularly skilled at bluffing games with large groups of friends. She also has a growing talent in glow poi. During her summer in San Francisco, she hopes to taste all of the city’s delicious food. When she graduates, Laura would like to move to California to work full time in a tech startup.

We hope Alana and Laura enjoy their time at Henge Docks and take away experience that they'll use in their future careers. We’re very glad they are part of the team!