Horizontal Docks Now Shipping and Henge Docks Now Hiring!

What a busy few months it has been here at Henge Docks! From the Horizontal Dock receiving certification in August, to exhibiting at IFA Berlin 2015 in September and now the shipping of the Horizontal Dock in October, there hasn’t been a dull moment at the Henge Docks office in quite a while!

Our Early Adopters began receiving their Horizontal Docks earlier this month, and we’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback about the dock. We are thrilled that the Horizontal Dock is finally getting into the hands of our customers, and hearing about their experiences with this new product!

Early Adopter Horizontal Dock

The first batch of General Order Horizontal Docks arrived at our fulfillment center Tuesday, so we’ve been hard at work to ensure that the shipping process goes smoothly. The docks are currently being inbounded to inventory, and once this is complete they will be packaged and shipped to customers! The team will be working diligently to track shipments in the coming weeks, as every week we will be receiving new inventory from our factory. We anticipate that all current Horizontal Dock orders will be fulfilled by mid-December.

Pallet of Horizontal DocksDocks packaged and ready to be shipped to customers

It’s a very inspiring time for the entire Henge Docks team. We are ecstatic that the Horizontal Dock is out in the wild. We know many people, including ourselves, have been waiting for this product to be released, so it’s both exhilarating and relieving to finally be shipping the Horizontal Dock!

To add to the excitement, we are also currently hiring for several positions to expand our team. If you’re seeking a fast-paced, innovative environment in which to thrive, check out our Careers page for more information on joining our expanding San Francisco-based team.

The Henge Docks team is humbled by all of the enthusiasm and support from our customers over the past several months. We are very proud to have such dedicated fans, and look forward to creating more products that allow us to further engage with our customers every day!

  • Henge Docks says...

    @ Alex – We’re happy to help! Email us at info@hengedocks.com!

    On November 18, 2015

  • Alex says...

    I just received my 15" Horizontal dock today.. unfortunately, I cannot get my macbook to dock at all… the light keeps pulsing between green and amber… I think there is a slight misalignment with the ports… Please help!

    On November 16, 2015

  • Henge Docks says...

    @Krzysztof – there is a manual override feature, for emergencies.

    On November 11, 2015

  • Krzysztof says...

    What happens if macbook is docked and the power will go down? Will I be able to undock it or I’m screwed until the power’s back online? :)

    On November 06, 2015

  • Sam Marshall says...

    Nevermind! Just saw the dropdown menu! :D

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    On November 02, 2015

  • Sam Marshall says...

    Is there a timeline for 15" MBPr Horizontal Docks? I only see 13" available.

    On November 02, 2015

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