DockApp Available for Download!

DockApp dropdown menu

With the Horizontal Dock now arriving to customers, we’re happy to announce that DockApp is available for download! We have been working with our Early Adopters to refine and grow DockApp, and we’re excited that it is now ready for public release! Seamlessly integrating with OS X, DockApp provides a robust experience for the Horizontal Dock. With automatic checks for both software and firmware updates, users will be able to easily download future versions of DockApp, ensuring simple access to new features and continued support for the Horizontal Dock.

We’ve got a lot planned for DockApp - each update of DockApp will enable more advanced features. Currently, DockApp offers the following basic features that allow you to interact with your Horizontal Dock via OS X:

  • Undock - Trigger undock via OS X
  • Open on Login - Set DockApp to automatically launch upon logging into OS X
  • Auto-Dock - Set up dock to automatically connect when MacBook is placed in Horizontal Dock
  • Auto-Eject - Set up dock to automatically dismount external drives before undocking
  • Dock Information - Displays critical information of the connected Horizontal Dock
  • Support - Learn more about the Horizontal Dock

We’re very excited for customers to begin using the Horizontal Dock and DockApp. If you’ve ordered a Horizontal Dock, be sure to download DockApp to take your Horizontal Dock experience to the next level!

DockApp software download