2016 New Year’s Resolution - Organized Desk, Maximum Productivity!

Horizontal Dock for MacBook Pro - organized desk, maximize productivity!

Happy New Year from Henge Docks! This year, the team resolves to become more organized, with the first step being to declutter our desks. We think that with a few helpful tricks and some intuitive products, this is one resolution we’ll keep!

According to a workspace organization survey, 45% of people have a goal to organize their desk, but just never get around to it. It’s not just peace of mind that a messy desk inhibits, but also productivity - 77% of respondents stated that unorganized clutter affects their ability to get things done efficiently. Now that it’s a new year, it’s time for a new desk - a cleaner one that will up productivity while simultaneously boosting motivation and happiness.

Paper desk organizer

Purge the Piles

Even in our digital age, it happens to all of us - paper just piles up! The first step to cleaning up a desk is going through the piles and recycling or shredding what’s unnecessary. If there’s still quite a few papers left, categorize them and invest in either a sturdy file cabinet or a desktop paper organizer - and remember to file new documents accordingly to avoid a new pileup!

 Horizontal Dock - Cables

Clear the Clutter

A desk wouldn’t be complete without a computer - and a computer wouldn’t be complete without its corresponding cables. We know the struggle of tangled cables all too well, so well that it’s the reason Henge Docks came into being. This year, we’re excited to see the Horizontal Dock become a key to people organizing their workspaces. The Horizontal Dock takes all of those important cables and routes them into one place. With its simple docking and undocking at the touch of a button, there’s no need to constantly plug and unplug cables to connect your laptop to your monitors. Plus, all peripherals are now running through one device, instead of going every which way!

Save the date! Calendar

Clean Consistently

Now that there’s a place for all those papers and cables and our desks are clean, we’ll want to keep them that way. At Henge Docks, the team keeps a regular cleaning schedule to keep the office looking its best. Committing to keeping a workspace clutter-free will ensure that it stays organized all year round.

Join us in resolving to clean up your desk this year! Do you have tips that help you stay organized? Are there any New Year’s resolutions you’re setting for yourself? Let us know in the comments!