MacVoices Interviews Henge Docks CEO, Matthew Vroom

Chuck Joiner of the popular Apple-centric internet show MacVoices visited the Henge Docks booth at CES 2016 and interviewed our CEO, Matthew Vroom. In the interview, Matt shares his excitement about the Horizontal Dock, and goes in-depth on its features. Watch the video to learn more about the Horizontal Dock and Henge Docks' experience at CES!

  • Henge Docks says...

    @Sos – It’s in development! Once we have a timeline, we’ll update the blog!

    On January 27, 2016

  • Sos says...

    Any update on 12 inch macbook retina USB-C vertical and horizontal? the USB-C is made for a dock and the apple dongle is cumbersome at best. I was hoping you all were saving it for CES, but haven’t seen anything. TY

    On January 27, 2016

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