Henge Docks Turns Six!

Today, Henge Docks lives by the mantra of “Simplicity with potential.” Yet, the conception of the idea that would become Henge Docks was not so simple. To commemorate Henge Docks’ 6th birthday, let’s take a look back at how our fast-growing company got its humble start.

CEO Matt Vroom first came up with the idea for a MacBook docking station back in 2008 when he attempted to plug his G4 PowerBook into his TV to watch movies on the Internet. It took a whopping 14 cables to transform his laptop from a desktop tool into an entertainment center!

Matt searched high and low for a docking station that met his needs, but kept coming up empty handed. That’s when the idea hit him--and Matt began to design his own dock. Check out the sketches of Matt’s first product idea below.


When Apple released the new Unibody MacBook in October 2008, Matt had found his market. Later that month, Matt hired his first employee--a friend turned colleague, Ben. He had a background in engineering and at the time was working on his degree to become a patent lawyer. [Fun fact: Ben is still onboard with Henge Docks to this day.]

With only a sketchbook and a great idea, Matt and Ben quickly got to work designing the original  Vertical Dock to keep pace with Apple’s ever-growing product line, all the while drafting a business plan and searching for investors.

A few short months later, in February 2009, the company was officially named Henge Docks. For those who didn’t know, Henge Docks’ name was inspired by the ancient Stonehenge ruins in England. By April, Henge Docks officially incorporated as Henge Docks, LLC.


After a long but rewarding year of designing, redesigning, manufacturing and quality control, the first MacBook Vertical Docks were ready to be shipped. The docks first began shipping on April 19 and by April 26 Henge Docks had already sold out of inventory that was supposed to last two months. Within hours of its launch, the Vertical Dock received glowing reviews from reputable publications like Engadget, Wired, and Gizmodo, and Henge Docks' site had so much traffic, it crashed their web host's servers. 

The remainder of 2010 was marked by various product launches, including the 15-inch Vertical Docks for both the MacBook and MacBook Pro, 17-inch Vertical Dock (Version A and Version B), and the MacBook Version A and Version B. Henge Docks now had a complete line of products.


In March 2011, Henge Docks made its first appearance on the tech trade show circuit at CU Exposed in Paris and London. The team didn’t stop there--Henge Docks is now a trade show veteran, participating annually in trade shows such as CES and SXSW.

With a major boost from the excitement and launching its first products, Henge Docks got down to the business of expanding its product offerings. Later in December 2011, Henge Docks released the Clique for the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. The Clique dock unites your keyboard and mouse so you can use it while at your desk or even while sitting on your couch. Shortly after, in January 2012, the Vertical Dock for MacBook Air  was announced and began shipping in April 2012. Henge Docks then branched out into other forms of Apple accessories when it announced the Gravitas for iOS devices in January 2013 which began shipping in December of 2013. More recently in January 2014, the Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display was announced and began shipping in June 2014.

With Henge Docks’ growing customer base, the team wanted to create something truly special for our customers. In 2015 Henge Docks received certification for, and began shipping, the Horizontal Docking Station for MacBook Pro with Retina Display--the first fully automated docking station on the market. The same year, the company opened three new warehouses in the UK, Australia, and Canada, all with accompanying websites!

This brings Henge Docks to today, celebrating our 6th birthday with four product lines on the market, four international warehouses and our largest team yet.

We are reflecting on how far we’ve come and ambitiously building out the future of our business. Although we can’t give away the details yet, expect to see exciting new products coming your way later this year!