How To: Set up Your Vertical Dock

Having trouble setting up your new Vertical Dock for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display? Follow along with this guide and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new workstation in no time.

What you’ll need:

  • An external keyboard and mouse or trackpad (wired or wireless)
  • At least 1 external display
  • Your MagSafe 2 power adapter or the MagSafe power lead from the Apple display
  • The provided adapter tools D & E
  • The provided HexKey

To begin, verify that all of the cables and your other devices are set up correctly to connect with your MacBook.

With your MacBook powered on and closed, plug all of the cables into the left side of your MacBook, including the power.

Click any button on your external keyboard or tap your mouse. After a few seconds, the display should come on and you should see your desktop. Check that the MagSafe power adapter is connected and the LED indicator is on. Also, make sure all the connections are secure, ensure your MacBook is setup for Clamshell mode, and check the connection of your keyboard and mouse.

If your screen still will not come up, refer to the documentation of your peripherals or reach out to Apple for possible solutions. If everything connects properly, you’re ready to go!

Next, disconnect your cables and set them to the side. Pull the bundled cables from the bottom of your new dock and remove the ties.

Pull out the provided HexKey by applying pressure to the inside of the dock.

Set the dock on the side of a table or desk and allow one of the feet to hang off of the edge of the surface.

Slide the MagSafe cable up and through the corresponding port void in the dock and place the Adapter Tool onto the end of it.

Connect the MagSafe Adapter to your MacBook with the letter facing downward.

Slide your MacBook into the dock carefully until it is fully seated. Once you see the light of the MagSafe and feel the magnetic click, the MagSafe is seated properly.

Using the HexKey, tighten the setscrew for the MagSafe.

Feed the MagSafe cables up through the cable organizer on the rear of the dock and place the HexKey back in the dock.

Now it’s time to connect all of your devices to the pre-installed cables in the dock. Once everything is connected, tap a key on either your mouse or keyboard to wake your MacBook up. If your MacBook does not connect to your peripherals, please see this article on our Support Portal for troubleshooting tips. 

You are now ready to enjoy your versatile new workstation!

For further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team on our Support Portal