How to Setup Dual Monitor Wallpaper

One of the best perks of using a MacBook docking station is the speed and ease in which you can connect to dual display monitors. With all of that extra screen space, you have the ability to operate on multiple programs and web pages at once, drastically increasing your productivity.

But how do you make your dual displays look and feel like one cohesive unit? You can actually set your background as a single image that stretches across both screens rather easily--we’ll show you how below.

Before we go through the steps on how to apply your new wallpaper, you’ll want to choose a photo that’s going to fit across dual displays. For this trick to work, you must make sure the resolution of the photo is greater than the total resolution of the two monitors combined--meaning it must be as wide as the two monitors put together, and as high as the tallest of the two. For example, if one monitor is 1600 X 900 and the other is 1920 X 1080, then the photo resolution must be at least 3520 X 1080.

In order to find the resolution of your displays, you will want to click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your computer. Next, select “About this Mac”, and then open the “Displays” tab. The MacBook display resolution and any monitor resolutions will show up here. 

There are a number of great online resources to help you find the perfect image, so take some time and have fun browsing the Internet for the most epic photos to show off on your screens. One site we like,, features a combination of sharp urban panoramas and stunning landscape shots. If you’re more inclined toward artwork in the realm of fantasy or anime, check out for an impressive selection of categories. Digital Trends also compiled a great list of their 177 favorite dual display wallpapers, ranging from natural to surreal.

Once you’ve selected your imagery, the rest is quite easy. To start, download an app such as Multi Monitor Wallpaper, which will save you the arduous task of cropping and editing your photo manually. This option can be found in the app store and costs $2.99. If you don’t want to pay for an app like this, there are always free options on the web.

You’ll want to save whichever photo you chose to be your background onto your desktop so the file link is easily accessible. Next, open the Multi Monitor Wallpaper app and drag your photo onto the application. You can adjust the screen settings or image settings by clicking “Edit” under “Edit the Layout”.

Boom! You have a beautiful new wallpaper background that fits cohesively across your dual monitors, all without sacrificing image quality.  

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