New 15-inch Vertical Docks now in-stock, 13-inch preorders are shipping and processing

We are so excited to announce that the remaining pre-orders for the 15-inch Vertical Docking Station are being prepared for shipment, and over the next 2 weeks they will be arriving at our fulfillment centers, in stock and ready to ship! The 13-inch versions have also started shipping to the earliest pre-order customers and our manufacturing is in full swing for the remaining outstanding 13-inch pre-orders.

So when are you finally going to get your pre-order!? Good news, they’re on their way. Bad news, we are about two weeks beyond our last projection due to some last minute changes to the way in which they are assembled. What this means is that your order will ship by the week of December 16th at the latest, and we are doing everything we can to pull that in. As always, our schedule is available here and we are currently updating that weekly.