About Henge Docks

Henge Docks designs and manufactures high-end accessories for the Apple ecosystem, including the market's best docking solutions for MacBook computers. Founded in 2009, Henge Docks is a creative, philosophy driven organization focused on innovative design, with a deep commitment to our culture and our customers. The company adheres to the design philosophy of "Simplicity with Potential," ensuring each product is both beautiful and effective, offering users a seamlessly enhanced experience with their Apple devices.

Some people get rolling by reinventing the wheel - question everything. We do not withdraw in the face of big challenges--inquisitive and determined by nature, we have an impressive patent portfolio and are consistently improving upon our ideas, our products and ourselves, confident in the notion that by pushing the boundaries of each, we can go even further.

Meet our Team

Matthew Vroom


One of the original founders of Henge Docks, Matt is a creative problem solver and strategist. His background is in industrial design and engineering, as well as business strategy, holding a Bachelors from University of Illinois and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Matt embodies fearlessness – he can MacGyver anything and everything, eat Jello faster than any other human being and once ran 48 miles in a single day. Give him food or a nice car and he’ll be quite the happy camper.

Hayne Chun


The resident numbers girl, Hayne is in charge of Henge Docks finances and accounting operations. After graduating with a Bachelors in Accounting and Economics from William and Mary, Hayne worked in public accounting before switching gears to the more fast-paced start up environment. If you need any play list or concert recommendations, Hayne will be the one to broaden your musical horizon.

Kristin Junk

Operations Manager

Many people describe themselves as organized and detail-oriented on a resume, but no one could hold a candle to Kristin in these two areas. She’ll organize everything without being asked, and afterword you won’t know how you managed before she got a hold of things. Kristin is also a licensed RN and modern European scholar, holding a Bachelors from University of Illinois. The resident Renaissance woman at Henge Docks, Kristin is an amazing cook, gardener, crossword puzzler solver and milk connoisseur.

Erin Johnson

Director of Marketing

In her third role at Henge Docks, Erin has moved from customer service, to logistics, and is now excited to be heading up Marketing. Currently responsible for building out the Henge Docks Marketing plan, Erin manages all Henge Docks content, advertising, PR, and social platforms. Erin’s background is in Managerial Economics and International Marketing, with a B.S. from University of California, Davis and a Masters from Steinbeis University in Berlin, respectively. Her goal is to build a solid marketing strategy for Henge Docks that will help drive the brand and grow our customer base. She enjoys traveling and cooking, and she once completed an Ironman.

Margherita Buzzi

Graphic Designer

Our favorite Italian, Margherita masterfully designs everything from our website to our ads to the graphics on our packaging. After achieving her Bachelors in Industrial design from Torino University she moved to San Francisco to complete the interdisciplinary MFA Design program at California College of the Arts. Margherita loves cooking, skiing, traveling and sleeping under the stars.

Stephen Choi

Head of Sales

Resident thought leader in dynamic buzzword integration, Stephen has sold in every environment from startup to Fortune 50, and varying products from SaaS to CE. At Henge Docks, he now heads up the omnichannel retail environment driving sales through brand growth hacking and industry mindscaping. Unrepentant fast food connoisseur, you can often find Stephen at fine dining establishments such as McDonald's, Taco Bell and Costco’s world famous food court.

Brandon Parod

Head of Product

Our resident CAD Monkey (he’d be Level 11, despite there only being 10 ‘official’ levels on rating scales), Brandon is the mastermind behind Henge Docks product design. Holding a Bachelors from University of Illinois, Brandon has considerable skill in industrial design, sketching, strange pencil sculptures and woodworking – he’s basically a real life Ron Swanson. Seriously, ask him to sharpen a knife, he’ll give it an edge so sharp that you could shave with it.

Lyle Livingston-Guanzon

Industrial Designer

After earning a BFA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University, Lyle interned at Smart Design and worked as a Dream Consultant at TechShop in San Francisco. When he's not sketching or designing, Lyle enjoys playing his guitars or banging on his vintage drumset. Oh, and he's from New Jersey, so there's that.

Laura Mei

Mechanical Engineer

After earning her Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois in December, 2015, Laura is officially a nerd! Prior to her graduation, she was an intern on the Product Development team at Henge Docks. As a full-time employee, Laura is now designing her own prototypes and contributing to their coming to full fruition. Besides taking things apart to figure out how they work (no, she does not put them back together), she also enjoys playing board games and video games with friends.

Sean Kunz

Head of Customer Support

More than 12 years in the service industry, including hospitality and retail management, has elevated Sean to the level of customer service guru. At Henge Docks, he directly engages with customers on a daily basis, focusing on utmost satisfaction with every interaction. He ensures that everyone has what they need, from product troubleshooting to tracking packages, to answering any questions someone might have and everything in between. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Sean enjoys great food and drinks with friends, and has an affinity for zombies and kittens, and zombie kittens.

Antonio Armenta

Customer Support Specialist

Antonio also hails from the customer service industry with over 12 years experience, making it the most experienced department in the company. Aside from being well-versed in computer hardware, Antonio also knows C++ and even Linden Scripting Language (his Second Life is better than your Second Life). He is charming to a fault, ensuring every interaction with him is a pleasant one, whether or not you are a customer. A perfect date with him would consist of wine, Mexican food and binge-watching American Dad...but mostly wine.

Jennifer Slomowitz

Customer Support Advocate

After earning a BA in Psychology at San Francisco State University, Jennifer sought to merge her interest in helping people with her love for consumer electronics. After trying retail for a few years, she found Henge Docks and has been excited to come to work every day since. In her free time, she has been known to binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, amateur beatbox and teach people how to moonwalk at parties.

Alana Sungar

Special Projects Assistant

A student at University of San Francisco studying Business Administration, Alana joined us as our first Intern in March, 2015. Alana quickly became an invaluable member of our team and was given a more permanent role, Special Projects Assistant. She is now in charge of monitoring Henge Docks' social media channels, writing for the blog and answering Customer Support tickets. In the coming years, Alana can't wait to put her Spanish to the test and travel abroad to Spain. However, as a lover of food, music and travel, Spain is just the beginning!

Travis Weisberger

Director of Engineering

After growing up in Maine and attending Northeastern University, Travis has been working at very small companies and startups for the past 7 years (except for a pesky acquisition by Intel). Having worked in both hardware and firmware design, we actually believe him when he tells us that “coffee flows in my blood”. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, biking, snowboarding, surfing, bread making, backpacking, ... and just collecting hobbies in general. And although the SF burritos are a close second, pizza is still his favorite food.

John Wilson

Senior Software Engineer

Hailing from origins unknown, John spends his days battling the evils of software bugs and office distractions. In the Santa Cruz area, students speak in awed whispers of John's many exploits, and expansive skills in every realm of engineering. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, weaving chainmail, and adrenaline-seeking activities.

Nicholas Chan

Senior Software Engineer

Though he was born in Texas, Nick grew up in Hong Kong, and then came back to the United States to attend Duke University, where he obtained his Bachelors of Science in Physics. After college, Nick taught English in Japan for two years, then returned to Hong Kong for a year to work in management. In 2014, he learned to code while running his own startup. At Henge Docks, Nick is not only the resident iOS and OS X software developer, but also our Chinese translator. He loves whiskey, chocolate, fruit or some combination thereof, and enjoys culturing himself with theatre and indie bands.

Christian Everett

Senior Software Engineer

Christian is a full stack software engineer, strong in the ways of network communications, server side hackery, and automation. He's got experience building and architecting solutions to complex problems in various languages, frameworks, and environments. He's built production applications in Javascript, Ruby, and PHP - and he loves them all. His passion lies in building tools that make life easier, clearer, and more complete for the user. He also loves whiskey.

Malika Shahani

Director of Sourcing & Supply Chain

After working several years in supply chain, Malika is managing the sourcing and supply chain for our really cool product. She is a problem solver, always excited for new challenges and loves to learn. She studied economics and business administration and was also a Professor of French Language. When not working, shes usually trying a different restaurant, cooking, painting, traveling, playing with her puppy or just generally creating more hobbies for herself.

Sierra Adkins

Account Manager

Sierra is the bubbly face of Henge Docks here to ensure that your Mac has a place to call Home. Sierra brings to Henge Docks her experience working on all sides of the sales organization from marketing, direct sales, and heading up sales operations for growing start-ups. Her first job after college was as a Kindergarten teacher teaching English in Soul, South Korea. Her background in education, makes her an ideal client advocate as she takes an educator approach. It is also to blame for her immense love for Korean Karaoke Bars, no matter how terrible she sounds.

Lan Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer

Having a background in Illustration and Graphic Design, Lan combines the eye of an artist with the mind of a pragmatic problem solver, to build functional and great looking web applications. She has built complex applications in Javascript, Ruby and PHP, turning ideas from early concept stage into sound business solutions. In her free time, Lan enjoys tinkering with new shiny technologies, urban sketching, playing her favorite SNES games, or collecting new hobbies.