About Henge Docks

Henge Docks designs and manufactures high-end accessories for the Apple ecosystem, including the market's best docking solutions for MacBook computers. Founded in 2009, Henge Docks is a creative, philosophy driven organization focused on innovative design, with a deep commitment to our culture and our customers. The company adheres to the design philosophy of "Simplicity with Potential," ensuring each product is both beautiful and effective, offering users a seamlessly enhanced experience with their Apple devices.

Some people get rolling by reinventing the wheel - question everything. We do not withdraw in the face of big challenges--inquisitive and determined by nature, we have an impressive patent portfolio and are consistently improving upon our ideas, our products and ourselves, confident in the notion that by pushing the boundaries of each, we can go even further.

Meet our Team

Matthew Vroom


One of the original three founders of Henge Docks, Matt is a creative problem solver with a passion for inventing. His background is in industrial design and business strategy, holding a BFA from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Matt embodies the entrepreneurial spirit - Constantly tinkering, mastering new skills and annoyingly curious. Give him food or a fast car and he’ll be quite the happy camper.

Hayne Chun


The resident numbers girl, Hayne is in charge of Henge Docks finances and accounting operations. After graduating with a Bachelors in Accounting and Economics from William and Mary, Hayne worked in public accounting before switching gears to the more fast-paced start up environment. If you need any play list or concert recommendations, Hayne will be the one to broaden your musical horizon.

Kristin Junk

Operations Manager

Many people describe themselves as organized and detail-oriented on a resume, but no one could hold a candle to Kristin in these two areas. She’ll organize everything without being asked, and afterwards you won’t know how you managed before she got a hold of things. Kristin is also a licensed RN and modern European scholar, holding a Bachelors from University of Illinois. The resident Renaissance woman at Henge Docks, Kristin is an amazing cook, gardener, crossword puzzle solver and milk connoisseur.

Brandon Parod

COO and Head of Product

Our resident CAD Monkey (he’d be Level 11, despite there only being 10 ‘official’ levels on rating scales), Brandon is the mastermind behind Henge Docks product design. Holding a Bachelors from University of Illinois, Brandon has considerable skill in industrial design, sketching, strange pencil sculptures and woodworking – he’s basically a real life Ron Swanson. Seriously, ask him to sharpen a knife, he’ll give it an edge so sharp that you could shave with it.

Antonio Armenta

Head of Customer Support

With over 15 years of experience in working with customers to design and implement solutions that meet their needs, Antonio leads our customer service operations - from analytics and automation, to ensuring that every customer has a positive experience. When, where and how are a passion, if not an obsession, and liaising between product development, engineering, and the end-user allows him to provide the technological backbone of customer support. His ability to refine complex ideas into layman’s terms provides the foundation for the department.

Travis Weisberger

Director of Engineering

After growing up in Maine and attending Northeastern University, Travis has been working at very small companies and startups for the past 7 years (except for a pesky acquisition by Intel). Having worked in both hardware and firmware design, we actually believe him when he tells us that “coffee flows in my blood”. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, biking, snowboarding, surfing, bread making, backpacking, ... and just collecting hobbies in general. And although the SF burritos are a close second, pizza is still his favorite food.

Christian Everett

Head of Web Dev

Christian is a full stack software engineer, strong in the ways of network communications, server side hackery, and automation. He's got experience building and architecting solutions to complex problems in various languages, frameworks, and environments. He's built production applications in Javascript, Ruby, and PHP - and he loves them all. His passion lies in building tools that make life easier, clearer, and more complete for the user. He also loves whiskey.