iPhone 6/6S/7 Insert (Case Compatible)

for Gravitas

$ 9

The iPhone 6/6S/7 Insert for Gravitas supports the iPhone 6/6S/7, and allows for dual use - either with or without an iPhone case. For users who prefer a case, simply remove the inner liner of the insert, and it becomes compatible with most slim iPhone 6 cases. The Gravitas provides unmatched stability and versatility of any dock, and blends seamlessly with your Apple ecosystem - a perfect home for your iPhone.

Compatible Devices: Most slim iPhone 6/6S/7 cases


Product weight: 0.01 kg/0.02 lbs

Shipping weight: 0.09 kg/0.20 lbs


8.3 cm x 2.2 cm x 2.9 cm/3.3 in x 0.9 in x 1.1 in

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